Cuttlefish Choose Their Battles Wisely

All animals have to reproduce. It’s how the next generation is created and how an animal’s genetics are passed on. But how do two male cuttlefish fight for a mate? Most fish don’t have to compete, as they release clouds of sperm and eggs into the water and fertilisation occurs. Most large land mammals have epic battles that end in the crashing of two large bodies together, and some whales have marathon races that last for hours, so that the female can determine the fittest and most suitable mate.

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Life on the Seven Seas

Everything is affected by climate change. From the mountains to the bottom of the ocean, our every action can have an impact on the world around us. The 25zero campaign helps to highlight the impact through the loss of our snow-capped mountains along the equator. But it’s not just the mountains that are affected by climate change and global warming, the oceans are too.

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Willie Wonders Why

‘The Braggs’ are a big deal in South Australia. There are busts on the main street, a very fancy, new building named after them at the University of Adelaide and even a beautiful children's book about their accomplishments. Even RiAus gets caught up in Bragg Fever every year and honours them. But that doesn’t really tell us much, yes, they’re famous and apparently important to science, but why?

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Native Title

Native title claims in Australia are met with a number of reactions; fear, confusion, misunderstanding, support or admiration, it is a tricky area with a lot of legal and social implications to the greater public. But, that doesn’t really explain what they actually are and the process. So settle in, here’s a breakdown of Native Title in honour of NAIDOC week 2015.

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One of my parent’s favourite stories is of when I was a child and they took me to the reptile park. We followed the nice reptile man around and watched him feed all of the snakes. And then we got to the Death Adder. I was two, twenty years on and I still can’t even handle looking at a picture of a snake without freaking out. Thanks Mum and Dad! It’s only in the last few years that I realised this fear was actually a phobia. Ophidiophobia to be more specific.

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What is COP21?

Today marks 150 days until COP21, and the start of RiAus’ journey with Tim Jarvis; 25zero. Needless to say, we’re all REALLY excited about the next few months as we go on a virtual journey with Tim across the equator. But it does raise the question, what is COP21 and why should we care?

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Volcanoes are such astonishing works of nature, in a moment they can completely recreate the world around us. Volcanic eruptions destroy the land around them and can relocate thousands of people in a day. And they are erupting all of the time; just here in Australia we’re not really aware of it thanks to our lack of large, active fiery mounds of doom. But, these eruptions are also the creation of new life, volcanoes are the way in which islands are created (and destroyed), after years and years, the volcanic ash that has been scattered across the land helps new plants to colonise the land. Just think of Hawaii! But there is one thing that a volcano has given us that was unpredictable and completely unexpected. A greater insight into the Roman Empire in 79AD.

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Cars on Mars

Mars has been in the media a lot lately, whether it’s because there are plans to fly people to Mars in the next 20 years, or because of the chance that Mars may be hospitable to humans, The Red Planet has gained a fair bit of attention. And so it should, it is a fascinating planet and the next frontier of space exploration. But, how do we know so much about this fascinating place? The Mars Rovers.

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The Six Stages of Life

Every animal, from the smallest insect to humans travels through life on a journey from birth to death. We all go through it, but there are six major stages that are familiar across all groups on land and under the sea. Last year’s BBC series, ‘Life Story’ takes you through this exact journey, so does their latest exhibition at Vivid in Sydney, also conveniently called ‘Life Story’. Anyone who loves David Attenborough (as I do) will know that he also focuses on these six stages of life throughout many of his tales. So here are the six stages of life, and some really fascinating animals to match.

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