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User Friendly by Erin McCarthy

One of my favourite tropes in contemporary romances (or indeed any romances) is the friends to lovers trope. After all, I think that knowing someone on that level and then wanting them on a more intimate level is absolutely beautiful. Particularly when it’s a friendship that is a no-holds barred kind of friendship. Brilliant, honest and completely see-through. So of course, since this was one of those stories… I fell head over heels.

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The Pregnancy Test by Erin McCarthy

Oh. I absolutely loved this novel. It was cute, quaint and a really easy read. Everything about it was just simple, fun and incredibly flirty. Alright, there were a few moments of sexual intensity, but I mostly just found this to be really and seriously sweet. Which, honestly, is generally what I’m looking for in an Erin McCarthy novel. Or really, in most of the contemporary romances that I pick up.

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Hard Drive by Erin McCarthy

This novella is lustful, sexy and just oh so good. Not that I’ve ever trialled cybersex… but I do like the potential play involved… particularly when the description of Mack Stone is just oh so yummy. Even though this story is a little erotic, ultimately, I still found it to be a fairly sweet McCarthy story. There is just something so cute about her writing that I can’t deny. And I love it! Even when it’s dealing with cybersex…

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Miss Extreme Congeniality by Erin McCarthy

It took me a little while to click as to the reasoning behind the name of this novella. Normally I am a bit quicker with understanding McCarthy’s naming puns and choices. But, I literally finished this novella, walked away and then realised the next day. It’s not Miss Extreme Congeniality because C.J. is just so damn nice (she’s kind and beautiful, but not that intensely so). It’s Miss Extreme Congeniality because of the extreme makeover she goes through (think Sandra Bullock). Not really sure why I have to state that in a review, it’s not really a huge deal. But, honestly, I had such a proud, lightbulb moment that I needed to share regardless.

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Perfect for the Beach by Lori Foster, Janelle Denison, Erin McCarthy, MaryJanice Davidson, Kayla Perrin & Morgan Leigh

This is one of those great, easy, relaxed reads that is just perfect for an afternoon out in the sunlight. The title kind of hints at that. But after reading it, I can attest that it is most definitely a perfect read for the beach. A nice departure from the more intense reads I do tend to fill my shelves with.

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Blue Crush by Erin McCarthy

One of the hardest things about being a driven, independent and intelligent woman is that it’s something which doesn’t always go over too well with the people you’re surrounded with. The fact that this novella features a woman whose main hang-up is exactly that was seriously enjoyable. And way, way, way too relatable.

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