Miss Extreme Congeniality by Erin McCarthy

Bad Boys In Black Tie (Watson Brothers, #3) by Lori Foster

Title: Miss Extreme Congeniality
Author: Erin McCarthy
In: Bad Boys in Black Tie (Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy & Morgan Leigh)
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Contemporary, Contemporary romance
Dates read: 29th September 2020
Pace: Medium
Format: Novella
Publisher: Brava
Year: 2004
5th sentence, 74th page: It’s freezing out there.

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Miss Extreme Congeniality by Erin McCarthy
CJ White knows there must be a catch when Wyatt Maddock – her despised FBI partner – offers to transfer out of Chicago and far, far away from her. There’s a catch all right, and it’s a big one: CJ has to spend one sexy night with the untamed playboy, wearing the outfit of his choice, the pig. Okay, so the guy’s hot. So his reputation in the bedroom is the stuff of legend. So CJ’s been in a dry spell for about, oh, three years. So maybe one night to be rid of him isn’t so unbearable. But once the sheets have cooled, CJ’s just starting to heat up, and moving away is the last thing on Wyatt’s mind…


It took me a little while to click as to the reasoning behind the name of this novella. Normally I am a bit quicker with understanding McCarthy’s naming puns and choices. But, I literally finished this novella, walked away and then realised the next day. It’s not Miss Extreme Congeniality because C.J. is just so damn nice (she’s kind and beautiful, but not that intensely so). It’s Miss Extreme Congeniality because of the extreme makeover she goes through (think Sandra Bullock). Not really sure why I have to state that in a review, it’s not really a huge deal. But, honestly, I had such a proud, lightbulb moment that I needed to share regardless.

Anyhow… as with all of McCarthy’s stories, this was just so dang cute! There’s something so sweet and light about her stories that always leaves me with a happy, content smile on my face. So much so that I picked up one of the few remaining books that I have on my collection that I haven’t read by her… I just needed that nice, cute, happiness that she always imparts.

C.J. and Wyatt make a really great couple. I love that they are still able to maintain their sense of selves and be who they want to be, whilst still making compromises to bring each other into their lives. It’s one of those great literary relationships – healthy. Probably, honestly, why I like McCarthy so much… her relationships might have barriers and have issues, but, ultimately they’re respectful and about finding compromise, not changing everything that you are. But I digress… I keep getting a little side-tracked in this review.

Other than everything else that I loved in this novella, I thought that the presence of C.J.’s autistic son was glorious. It highlighted the issues that not only single mothers have, but the parents of neurodiverse children when they are creating their lives. It was just so full of love and acceptance. My heart definitely grew a few sizes after reading this novella.

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