Dragon’s Breath by E.D. Baker

As a follow up to The Frog Princess, this is brilliant. It is just as funny, cute and witty as the first story and it takes us further into Emma and Eadric’s world of magic and mayhem. On a journey to break her Grandmother’s spell over Haywood, Emma and Eadric travel all across the magical kingdom to find four incredibly obscure ingredients.

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Mannequin by Heather Graham

I read this short story before going to bed. Mistake! I hate dolls, mannequins and anything generally humanoid that doesn’t quite make it. Mannequins are kind of at the top of this list. So a horror story about mannequins coming to life… yeah, it was not a good idea to read before turning off the lights.

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Fixer by Courtney Alameda

This book has made me incredibly curious about the larger Shutter world in general. The idea of one of the descendants of Van Helsing is fun, although I’m still a little bit hazy as to what the team is hunting in the first place. It feels like a dark, demonic hybrid of a vampire, but I’m going to buy the novel to actually find out.

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Trigger by Courtney Alameda

This is a really interesting novella. I read the short story Fixer before I read this, and the tragedy in Michelline’s future hasn’t quite yet occurred. So it’s nice to see how she is stuck between two worlds – that of her father and mother and two legacies. Yet, Michelline’s gumption somehow saves the day. Albeit in a very destructive manner.

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Secret Heart by Ann Aguirre

There seem to be a number of deleted scenes from series throughout Kisses and Curses. This is another such tale. But it is certainly a great way to get me hooked into a series without my awareness – after all, I loved this point of view from the Razorland series, so it will be interesting to read the main stories from another POV.

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Gentle Giant

I have 2 dogs. One of which is a 40kg American Staffy, looks a little like a pitbull or fighting dog. Last night I took giant dog to my friends to meet her dogs. When we take onyx for a walk, people tend to give us a pretty wide berth. And most dogs are a…

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Magic Flutes by Eva Ibbotson

An Austrian princess, a millionaire and an opera, what better setting and couple for a romance? The fact that it is based in Venice in 1922 and features some of the most enchanting imagery I’ve read in a while? It’s just beautiful. This is such a heart-warmingly sweet story that I finished it inside a day. Actually, I refused to do any of the work that I have piling up simply because I wanted to bury myself in the beauty and the romance of this tale.

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The Last Demon by Don D’Amassa

At the beginning of this story, the youngest demon escapes hell. And that was pretty much were my expectations were halted. Nothing went as I thought it would, and it was all such a bizarre adventure that I was left with a very perplexed feeling. Not that that is a bad thing, this story certainly made me think… but it was just a little weird.

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