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Wrecking Party by Alastair Reynolds

I’m not sure if I just wasn’t paying overly much attention when I was reading this. Or whether it’s just not my kind of story. But, regardless, I did have to keep flicking back through this story to check out what on earth was happening. And although I love this premise, I really wasn’t all that hooked by it. Which was, honestly, a bit of a pity.

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The Man With No Heart by Beth Revis

This short story honestly gave me a little bit of a Harry Potter déjà vu. It was such a fun, pleasant feeling. Not that the ting that gave me the Harry Potter déjà vu was all that fun and pleasant, but I love anything that thrusts me back into that world. In this case, it was the idea of “follow the spiders” that had me picturing Ron and laughing. There really was no other actual similarities. But I definitely was filled with thoughts. Happy. Positive. Bright thoughts.

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Hellfire on the High Frontier by David Farland

I really liked the book ending of this story – it started with Morgan on a hunt for justice. And ended with him on another hunt for justice. Two totally different culprits, but that same need for justice that made me wonder what was going to happen next almost from the very first moment. I loved that sense of justice – it’s always a great driver for a story in my mind – justice is almost impossible to truly get, but always desired.

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Burning Up Flint by Laurann Dohner

As with some of the more erotic romances I’ve been reading lately, I finished this with mixed feelings. Mostly because it was a little too pushy and filled with moments in which Mira didn’t actually have a choice. Actually, my favourite part of this story was when she threatened to jump, because she was at her wits end. It was the only moment of real fight that she displayed and FINALLY made the stupid, pig headed male in this story sit up and pay attention to what she was saying. And yet, for all of that pushiness that I was really uncomfortable with, I did, ultimately enjoy this story…

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