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Blood on the Sun by Thomas Thompson

I really, seriously and thoroughly enjoyed this short story. It was a really great western, and filled with the kind of characters and story line that I really love. It was also a great anti-violence, or at least attempting anti-violence kind of story. Something that I think was a great, and much needed break from too many stories about gunslingers just going to town and taking the law into their own hands…

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Emmet Dutrow by Jack Schaefer

This, for me, highlighted just what it is about Christianity that I tend to find so disturbing – the belief that we are all sinners and somehow unforgiveable. Don’t get me wrong, I know that’s not how everyone follows their faith. But it’s the part that scares me the most. And to find it in a western short story. Well, it was somewhat surprising. But also helped to expand on my general discomfort.

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A Man Called Horse by Dorothy M. Johnson

I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the film that apparently exists because of this short story. It’s a nice, interesting and pleasant journey. Nothing that would completely change my world. But definitely enjoyable and probably worth seeing. In fact, I think that this is probably my favourite short story in the The Mammoth Book of Westerns collection so far. There was just something intriguing and fun about it.

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The Colt by Wallace Stegner

I was kind of expecting a bit of a happy ending here. After all, this is a whole short story about a boy and his colt. And I was thinking that his love for the horse would be one of those that overcame all obstacles. That wasn’t the case. The end of this was a bit sad and gross. But it was still a good little short story.

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