Snafu by Faith Hunter

I love this short story – it takes us on a journey into Jane’s first job. It was so fun finding out more about Jane’s first day as a PI, and the way in which she had to prove herself to her new employer. The run down locale and shop front perfectly suits Jane’s persona, and it is incredibly easy to see her put in such a position. If Hunter had placed her chief protagonist in a place of good standing and a tidy, respectable front, it would be far more difficult to envisage.

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The Early Years by Faith Hunter

I loved revisiting Jane’s first modern day experience of skinwalking. Reading Skinwalker, I had always wondered how she had discovered her paranormal capabilities, and this short story provided a great insight into this journey. It also provided more information about the importance of Jane’s gold necklace and the reasoning behind her name (Jane Yellowrock). I love that every detail about the protagonist’s life prior to the beginning of the first book was carefully planned and thought out by Hunter – an intricate reality that has layers upon layers, with more discoveries every time I read the story.

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Haven Season One – Review

Weird doesn’t even begin to describe Haven. Which is why I loved it so much. Everytime I think that I have a handle on what’s happening and can predict what’s going to happen next, the storyline throws another spanner in the works. There’s few shows that are unpredictable and out there, so watching one that fits this bill is refreshing and entertaining.

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Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore

Although this is a YA book and focuses on the actions and journeys of children, there are some very adult and serious consequences to their actions and work. Mad Dogs beautifully reminds us of the consequences of their actions. These very real penalties left my emotions on a razor blade throughout the book, which is why I read it in just a few days.

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The Fall by Robert Muchamore

The Fall was a drastic change of pace from the rest of the CHERUB books. Instead of investigating the ethics, and potential impacts of terrorism, drugs and any number of criminal acts, this story looks at what can happen when a mission goes drastically wrong. The lack of mission is balanced by Lauren’s assignment, but primarily focuses on James’ state of mind and what happens when things go bad.

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Man vs. Beast by Robert Muchamore

I’ve spent the last six years of my life studying conservation and restoration practices. And the years before that taking care of and loving a myriad of animals that have come through our doors. At this very moment two of my dogs are curled up next to me in a kind of fur nest. Which is why the issue of animal ethics and rights is something that has always fascinated me. Muchamore’s sixth CHERUB book investigates this issue wonderfully.

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Divine Madness by Rick Riordan

The idea of cult life is fascinating. I think because it is always connected to so many horror stories; people being raped and killed, torn from their families, and having their life savings squandered away. The idea that it is incredibly easy to fall into and that perfectly ‘normal’ people are bought into this reality, just makes it all the more frightening.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season One – Review

I’ve watched the first season of Grey’s Anatomy a few times, and every single time I thoroughly enjoy it. I think it’s the mixture of drama, characterisation and the literal life and death battle that these interns battle every day. I study and I know how little sleep that I sometimes get due to this, seeing a group of young people who are working ridiculous hours, on their feet all day makes me a little happier – I’ve got it tough, there are people out there who have it far tougher!

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