Tough Mothers by Jason Porath

I loved Rejected Princesses. I loved this. There are no other words for my feelings when it comes to this book. Finally, finally there are some great books out there on the many women in history! The fact that this is one about women who are mothers and also completely kick ass makes it much better. It’s a reminder that we can be mothers as well as politicians, doctors, just women of power and change in general. I actually can’t wait to show these books to my future (theoretical) children – to show them the many different things that they can become. And even the women who have helped to pave the way for this.

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Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs

Mondays suck. And I love that this was highlighted not only in Reichs’ title for this novel, but also in the fact that every important moment in this story came on a Monday. Each revelation and spinning of the spider’s web happens on that horrible day, and ultimately, the climax and kind of horrible ending (in the best sense possible) also occurs on a Monday. Like I said, Mondays suck.

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I Got Nothing

I've been wracking my brain all week for something interesting to write about. Wondering what interesting thing happened this week. And I got nothing. 

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Typecast by Jeff Ryan

You could kind of see how this story was going to end in the first few sentences. For starters, the title is Typecast, it implies the fitting of certain roles to an idea. Specifically when you are introduced to a casting director in LA. And one that is hunting for the perfect serial killer…

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First Bones by Kathy Reichs

One of the things that I love about the Temperance Brennan series is that the science and emotions are spot on. In this origin story, it’s the emotions that really come to the fore and provide a strong storyline. Actually, this novella made me shed a tear when I finished it.

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Horror Movie Marathon

Duration: 1st June – 31st August 2018 Number of books: 36 Hosted by: Castle Dracula It’s horror movie night!!! Grab the popcorn and settle in for the scarefest. This is a reading challenge (you don’t actually have to watch any scary movies or read horror books). Duration  June 1st – August 31st 2018 Levels  Nerd: 1-12 books Scream…

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Travel to the Edges

Duration: 1st June – 30th June Number of books: 3 Hosted by: Bookworm Bitches There are 3 tasks, you only need to read three books to finish this challenge. Or pick one task and read 3 books for that one task. June 1. Read a book that involves time travel, space travel, or travel to different dimensions. –…

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Eating Your Way Around the Globe

Duration: 1st June 2018 – 31st May 2019 Number of books: 45 Hosted by: Crazy Challenge Connection If you enjoyed Eating Your Way Around USA and are ready for more, join us as we make our way around the world. Be as adventuresome as you like. You may choose….. Daytripper 3 months: Complete tasks for Africa, Asia, and…

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Recipe Challenge – June 2018

Duration: 1st June – 30th June Number of books: 4 Hosted by: Crazy Challenge Connection These are another good bar, kind of like a brownie. I made huge batches of these when I cooked at a summer camp in college. They make good brownie sundaes with ice cream and hot fudge sauce. DUMP BARS * Read a book…

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Monthly Challenge – June 2018

Duration: 1st June – 30th June Number of books: 6 Hosted by: My Vampire Book Obsession How It Works Ten books each month is a lot, so there will be 5 different levels. So pick which level you want to do and that’s how many items you will need to check off. Levels: Transitional – 2 books Fledgling…

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