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Once a Demon by Dina James

Unlike many of the short stories found in The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance, the two leads in this story aren’t the love interests. Actually, there’s no romance whatsoever between them with Katrina being a very, very happily married woman and her counterpart in this tale being a fairly notorious recluse. I liked the departure from the expected. It was nice to have two different people who had found their soul mates connecting on a more platonic level and finding common ground in their stories.

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Deliver Us From Evil by Dina James

This play on a soulless vampire was quite good. Normally when stories focus on the lack of soul in a vampire, it is either to excuse his evil, or to set him on a journey to find that which he has lost. And isn’t it funny that it normally features a male in these stories…? This tale took a slightly different take on the idea. The vampire was still soulless and searching for something that he couldn’t remember searching for. But, when he found it, it wasn’t his soul, it was a whole other mythos which helped him find his peace and salvation. And more, importantly, to find his way back to his family.

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Play Dead by Dina James

I both liked and got bored with this short story. It was kind of interesting and fun. And I really liked the idea of one of the soulless damned (a vampire) finding his soul mate. There was a great little twist of irony in this and it was kind of sweet that even a soulless blood sucker could have that whole perfect fit, love at first sight experience.

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