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The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance edited by Trisha Telep

The thing that I love most about this collection is that it completely runs the gambit of supernatural and paranormal creatures. There are a number of standalone stories and tales that are part of series. But mostly, there’s just stories which feature vampires and werewolves; djinn and selkies. Some of the paranormal beings that feature in this are not ones that I normally come across. Which of course just made it all that much more exciting. You didn’t know what sort of paranormal creature would be next!

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The Dream Catcher by Allyson James

Everyone has dreams and desires. But, if you’re anything like me, you actually can’t solidly define them. There are so many thoughts, dreams, desires and wants rattling around in my brain that I can’t actually tell you what I desire. Which means that I kind of like the fact that the woman in this story actually knows what she wants. Even though it is something that she can’t actually have.

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In Sheep’s Clothing by Meljean Brook

I’m a big fan of werewolf stories. You can probably tell from how many are on my shelves and fill my bookcases. But, one thing that doesn’t tend to happen so often is that if there’s a female werewolf, the male normally is too. Something about not having a woman more powerful than a man or such nonsense I would suppose. But, that’s not the case in this story. The woman is a werewolf, the man she loves a normal human; and ultimately, it’s the woman that saves the day.

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The Wager by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Here I’m speaking from personal experience: sometimes you should just keep your damn mouth shut. And the narrator of this short story is definitely in agreement with me. He should have kept his mouth shut, and then maybe he wouldn’t be in purgatory. Definitely enjoyed this story. But it’s in a collection of romances… and I don’t feel like this is a romance at all. Sure, there’s a little lust, but it’s not exactly about a romance between two individuals.

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Blue Crush by Rachel Caine

The Weather Warden series is one of those that I thoroughly enjoy. Yet, I don’t tend to pick it up as quickly. Probably because the chapters are pretty much half the novel. Having said that, reading Blue Crush reminded me how much I love this series and how much I need to read the next one. There is just something about Jo’s spunk that draws me in. Even when it’s a short story about a day at the beach with her lover…

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At Second Bite by Michelle Rowen

This story literally made me laugh out loud. It woke my dog up because he couldn’t figure why I was making weird, random noises. Occasionally I’ll giggle a little bit at whatever I’m reading. But an outright guffaw? Not something I tend to do very frequently at all. And when I’m reading a short story? Never. I just don’t get drawn in quick enough to justify an outright laugh. Until I read this story obviously. Maybe it was being overtired, but I choose to think that there was just enough of a dry humour moment in it to have me giggling.

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Blood Song by Lynda Hilburn

The idea of healing someone through music and sound was a really fantastic idea. Weaving through this ideas of vampirism and the lore that tends to be associated with that was just that much better. Something about the story and the blending of some very unique ideas drew me in happily, completely and perfectly. It was just such a great idea. And I’m really disappointed that it was only a few pages (which tends to be a bit of a trend with me anyway).

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When Gargoyles Fly by Lori Devoti

This is my first ever gargoyle story. Which is intensely exciting, because I got to create a new bookshelf in my shelves. I spent most of the time thinking about the funny gargoyle sidekicks in The Hunchback of Notre Dame though… which, considering this was a fairly serious gargoyle. And apparently a sexy one… the images in my head really didn’t suit this story.

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