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Taking Hold by Anya Bast

This is one of those short stories that I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed in the moment. But kind of forgot about once I turned that final page. Even writing this review, I had to flick back to it just to remember what I’d actually read. Maybe I’ve just been reading a little too much werewolf / shapeshifter paranormal romance of late…

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John Doe by Anna Windsor

The most disappointing aspect of this story was that it was so short and it isn’t part of a greater series. I know, a pretty common complaint for me. I always love when I read a really good short story and it turns out that there’s a whole series that I can stick my greedy little literary nose into. But the premise of a half-angel and her protector (who also happens to be her lover) was incredibly fun. And it was seriously disappointing when I found out that it was a standalone – there was just some incredibly brilliant world building going on!

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Succubus Seduction by Cheyenne McCray

There’s nothing like a good paranormal romance short story to give you a bit of a break from the piles of papers that you have to read. Or at least, that’s how I feel about it. And McCray’s short story about a succubus with a mission was perfect. There was a great level of lust and passion in the story, but the idea of betrayal and insecurity in the tale was far more enjoyable.

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The Temptation of Robin Green by Carrie Vaughn

I don’t really know how I felt about this short story. I liked the idea, but since it was the first story in a collection of paranormal romance tales, I was expecting something a little more lustful and a lot less…well, pathetic. I wish I had a better word for Robin Green, but mostly I just found her pathetic. And kind of irritating. I’m hoping that I meet her again later in the series so that I can improve my opinion of her.

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Grace of Small Magics by Ilona Andrews

Grace of Small Magics is a fantastic reminder that “offense is the best defense”. Grace’s quiet strength and stability in the face of overwhelming odds is inspiring, and her ability to take control of her future admirable. I love the way that Andrews uses this to poignantly remind us that just because someone appears mousey and weak, they are still capable of great feats.

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