Untitled 12 by Caitlin R. Kiernan

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance

Title: Untitled 12
Author: Caitlin R. Kiernan
In: The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance (Trisha Telep)
Rating Out of 5: 4 (Really good read!)
My Bookshelves: Horror, Vampires
Pace: Fast
Format: Short story
Publisher: Robinson
Year: 2005
5th sentence, 74th page: “It’s not a game,” she said and licked at her lips.

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Sometimes what you call to you isn’t quite what you wanted. But this girl is stuck with it anyway.


This story was kind of disturbing. And by kind of. I mean seriously. And confusing. Really, really confusing. There was a hermaphroditic vampire thing that beat the crap out of her convert. There was blood puke on the floor and there was a lot of weirdness that was super uncomfortable.

Although, if you read this story, there is no way in hell that you are going to want to become a vampire. Or really think that they are dreamy and sexy. So I kind of liked it. It was so sick and disturbing. Yet fun and interesting. Also impossible to put down or look away from. Kind of like a really horrific car crash… or gory and horrible horror movie…

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Image source: Goodreads

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