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The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 edited by Trisha Telep

I really think that Twilight kind of ruined the idea of vampires for me. And vampires with romance… it’s something that I’ve taken forever to truly get into. And even now, with this collection, I thoroughly enjoyed it in short bursts. Some of these stories were absolutely amazing. Many others weren’t. And some sat nicely in the middle. Which mostly just made this collection, fun, easy and a great break from reality late at night when I was no longer able to concentrate.

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Skein of Sunlight by Devon Monk

One of the few things that my mother and I share in common is a love of craft. I’m not quite as obsessive as she is. But I do share the obsession and fascination in the ways in which a simple piece of yarn can be turned into a beautiful jumper or scarf. A piece of clothing or decoration. The possibilities when you walk into a yarn shop are endless. Add to that a vampire story, and you also have an eternity in which these possibilities can occur.

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Circle Unbroken by Ann Aguirre

I’ve always imagined reincarnation as a bit of a circle – alright, in my head it’s a seriously squiggly, knotted line. But, it joins up at either end in a never ending loop, so it’s kind of like a circle. Which means that a story in which this rebirth has been interrupted… it was kind of quickly going to pull me in.

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The Vampire, the Witch and the Yenko by Tiffany Trent

I’ve never read a vampire story where the female vampires go into heat and effectively rape the male vampires. Or use them for stud, whichever way it can be looked at. In this short story, the crazy female vampire definitely had a rapey vibe. But I did love that it was a very unique take on vampire reproduction, society and morphology. Also that the vampire society described was matriarchal, not patriarchal (another first).

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Blood Gothic by Nancy Holder

I really wouldn’t call this a romance. And I would not have expected to find such a story in a collection of vampire romance stories. There is just nothing romantic about this tale. Obsessive, yes. Vampiric, kind of. But romantic? Nope, nope, nope. And if someone reads this thinking that it’s romantic… they need to sort their brains out a little better…

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