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Trust Me by Stacia Kane

While I’ve been reading The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, I’ve also been reading The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories. And I never expected any kind of overlap between the two. At all. After all, they’re two entirely different genres with no overlap whatsoever in authors. Which meant that it was incredibly surprising, although a little fun to read a story which is a vampire paranormal romance, featuring Jack the Ripper and the times in Whitechapel surrounding these killings.

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Vampsploitation by Jaye Wells

I bought the first book in this series ages ago. With no idea what it was going to be about and what it would be like. It just had a cool name and was on sale. Which meant that reading this short story certainly made me think that I made the right decision. Now I just have to exercise some self-control and not open it again straight away.

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Crimson Kisses by Diane Whiteside

This was a little bit too short for me. It had the feel of a plot that could have extended out for an entire novel. Especially since the hapless couple try to escape, realise they can’t and then plan to rendezvous. Afterwards, they manage to mess that up, but eventually find a way back to each other again, just a little bit later than had been anticipated. All that in less than thirty pages? It made for a great, fast-paced read, but I really wanted much more background information.

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Flotsam by Caitlin R. Kiernan

I found this tale a little hard to get through. Which was a little weird when I considered that so far, I have loved every Kiernan short story that I’ve read. And then I realised that this entire story was a single block of text. No paragraphs or breaks of any kind. Just a big wall of sentences and text that reflected the vastness and overwhelming sense that the ocean provides.

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Love Bites by Angie Fox

I don’t like reality tv shows. They’re contrived, annoying and highlight all of the worst aspects of humanity. Yet, I always seem to enjoy stories that take a paranormal spin on such things. A little like this. Alright, the majority of the story isn’t even a tv show, it’s about another matter entirely, but still… I loved the beginning.

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Blood Feud by Patti O’Shea

There are a few books in my shelves that deal with demons. But not many. So, finding a new series that features (I think) demons, vampires and a heavy dose of paranormal romance was really exciting. Especially since the writing and the characters were incredibly enjoyable, and they come to the storyline already laden with burdens of the past.

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Into the Mist For Ever by Rosemary Laurey

Although this short story is in a collection of vampire romance stories, I didn’t really find it all that romantic. Alright, the man and woman get together, she saves him, and then they run off into the mist together to live happily ever after. But it really just didn’t feel that… romancey. In that aspect it was quite bland. But, overall, I liked the take on historical fiction and the storyline.

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Blood and Thyme by Camille Bacon-Smith

This was kind of cute. It’s not the first time that I’ve come across a story about a genetic vampire (rather than one that has been unwillingly changed), but it is probably the first one that featured entertainment and food so strongly. Actually, weirdly enough, it made me want to do a bit of cooking when I finished this story. After all, the lead female is a chef and the lead male almost gives up his life to make sure that he does have a great chef in his damn kitchen…

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