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The Unwilling by Shiloh Walker

I absolutely adored this crime novella. Not only was it a great romantic suspense, but it had a fantastic layer of paranormal moments throughout. I’m completely intrigued to see what the rest of this series will be like – psychics who are in the FBI and run around solving crimes? Plus sex? Yes please. This is exactly the kind of series that I love.

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Hot Spell by Lora Leigh, Emma Holly, Shiloh Walker & Meljean Brook

Once upon a time I used to think that paranormal romance, romance and erotica stories were boring, smuttish and just not worth reading. I have changed my mind. In a big way. And it is collections like Hot Spell that really remind me of just why I did such a big turn around. These novellas and tales still include all of my favourite aspects of fantasy stories, but there is an extra layer of passion, lust and, dare I say it, cuteness to the stories that have me reaching for these stories again and again and again.

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The Blood Kiss by Shiloh Walker

This is my second Shiloh Walker tale, and, although I loved the first short story I read, I definitely love her longer novella far, far, far more. There was something that was sweet, seductive and fun about her character and world building. Something that made me just not want to put the story down. So I didn’t. And then I almost missed tea…

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Hunter’s Choice by Shiloh Walker

As soon as Wyatt walks onto the scene, you know what’s going to happen. You can guess from almost the very first sentence that Sara is probably going to fall for a vampire. I mean, the short story is in a collection of vampire romance novels and it opens with her hunting a vampire. But that didn’t make the storyline any less enjoyable.

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