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Year  Long Challenges
Non-monthly Challenges

1st Quarter Challenge
2nd Quarter Challenge
3rd Quarter Challenge
Easter Around the World
From Sea to Shining Sea – Texas
All About Hats
Featuring Women
Let’s Talk About Cats
Martial Art Forms
National Trivia Day
Paranormal Kit Challenge – Kit One
Poker Face
Revenge of the Gods
Spring Challenge
Star Constellations
Summer Challenge 2019
The US Space Program: A Brief History
The Weird Sisters

Monthly Challenges

January 2019
Cosplay Cuties Collection
Hans Brinker
Happy New Year
Monthly Challenge
Patience is a Virtue

February 2019
Celebrating Cats
Cosplay Cuties Collection
Cupid’s Call
The Heart Grows Fonder
Monthly Challenge
Wandering the CCC: Book Quotes

March 2019
Anticipation and Reading Recap
Cosplay Cuties Collection
International Women’s Day
Music is Good for the Soul
St. Patrick’s Party

April 2019
April Fools
Cosplay Cuties
Easter Trivia
Lawn and Garden Month
New Life to Your Reading (Rebirth)
Russian Cosmonauts

May 2019
Cosplay Cuties
Fated Mates
Health in Reading
Hello and Welcome
The John F. Kennedy Space Centre
May Monthly Challenge

June 2019
Cosplay Cuties
Monthly Challenge
The Moon
Personal Challenge / Reading Lists
A Rose by Another Name
Warmer Weather

July 2019
Apollo 11
Bring the Heat
Cosplay Cuties
I Scream You Scream
Monthly Challenge

August 2019
Back to Basics
Cosplay Cuties
Monthly Challenge
Romance Awareness Month

September 2019
Cosplay Cuties
Historic September
Lifelong Learning
Monthly Challenge
Vampire Academy

October 2019
Cosplay Cuties
Elizabeth Taylor’s Marriages
Monthly Challenge
Pumpkin Head

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