Paranormal Kit: Monsters

Duration: 1st April – 30th June 2021
Number of books: 25
Hosted by: My Vampire Book Obsession

When you join our quarterly paranormal kit club you will receive all the instructions needed to create one of the kind kits for all your paranormal needs. The kits will be beautifully packaged and each one will have a different theme. Subscribe now and get ready for your first kit. Of course, if you don’t like a particular theme you can always opt out for that quarter but we think you’ll love these kits and want to create each one!

If you are the type of person who loves the paranormal then join now and your instructions will be delivered straight to you. The kit includes all the supplies needed for that occasion when you happen across a paranormal situation. These kits are the perfect gift for those who either love the paranormal or just can’t seem to avoid it. Imagine your delight when each quarter the kit arrives and you can open your surprise box filled with exciting objects everyone who deals with paranormal needs.

Each quarter you will earn a new vampire heart when you complete your kit! So don’t delay and join now!

Thanks to Madame Z for submitting such a great idea for a challenge

How to Play
Complete at least one task per item to collect it for your kit

All genres welcome
No minimum page count
Rereads welcome
You must read a different book for each task


Over the past year and a half we have built you kits that helped you hunt vampires, witches, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, demons, and water creatures but our time is drawing to an end. For this final kit we will give you the tools to fight those monsters that don’t necessarily fit into the categories above but which every hunter needs to be prepared for. So enjoy your final kit and best of luck hunting the supernatural!

There a whole host of monsters you may run into including but limited to: Changelings, Chupacabras, Sasquatch, Wyvern, Cerberus, Windigos, Jersey Devil, Hell Hounds, Minotaurs, Manticores, Cyclops, Sirens, Wraiths and more. Here are 25 weapons/tools we’ve collected that you may need along with your other kits.

1. Vespa 150 TAP: A modified Vespa scooter equipped with an attached rifle that can be fired while on the move.
Task: Read a book where a character rides a motorcycle or other two-wheeled vehicle. – Jacob’s Faith by Lora Leigh

2. Bat Bomb: Giant case filled with more than 1,000 compartments each containing a Mexican Free-Tailed bat attached to small bombs.
Task: Read a book with a bat on the cover or the word “bat” in the text.

3. Stink Bombs: Sulfar Stink Bombs able to disguise your smell or disable the use of a supernatural with a strong sense of smell.
Task: Read a book that you felt stunk (2 star rating or below) but that you finished anyway. – The Little Breton Bistro by Nina George

4. Lipstick Gun: Can fire one bullet from a tube a lipstick. When you’re in a tight spot and have no other weapons on you.
Task: Read a book with either lipstick, a person obviously wearing lipstick or a gun on the cover. – Her Perfect Mate by Paige Tyler

5. Man Catcher: Pole weapon too pull people off horses and drag them to the ground
Task: Read a book where a character rides a horse or tagged western

6. Bulgarian Umbrella: An umbrella that contains a chamber from which a poisonous pellet is fired from.
Task: Read a book with an umbrella or rain on the cover or the word Poison in the title or series name.

7. The Wagh Nakha: Claw like blades used in India to slide over the knuckles and be used in a werewolf like way.
Task: Read a book with a werewolf in it or a book set in IndiaDevils and Details by Devon Monk

8. The Microwave Blaster: Subdue the enemy by broadcasting microwaves at particularly high frequency causing intense pain and discomfort.
Task: Read a book where a character has enhanced hearing or where you can clearly see two ears on the cover without enlarging the cover.Harmony’s Way by Lora Leigh (the wind)

9. Earplugs: See #8 should be self explanatory
Task: Read a book with a compound word in title – Archangel’s Consort by Nalini Singh

10. Eye-Blinding Rifle: Blinds you with a laser beam (just don’t get caught with this as its against the Geneva Convention).
Task: Read a book where a character is blind or where a character breaks the law – Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan & Deborah Biancotti

11. Laser Induced Plasma Channel: Shoots lightning bolts along laser beams
Task: Read a book with lightning on the cover or with an MPG of science fiction

12. Pulsed Energy Projectile: Creates a pocket of exploding plasma that results in an air pocket that creates a pressure wave to knock the monster out.
Task: Read a book where the MC is knocked unconscious or where something explodes during the book.Marry in Scandal by Anne Gracie

13. BZ Bomb: A cluster bomb filled with hallucinogen 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate.
Task: Reads a book where a character hallucinates or is drugged (either willingly or unwillingly). – Tanner’s Scheme by Lora Leigh

14. Dead Man’s Blood: Lethal to any creature that consumes blood.
Task: Read a book with a vampire in it or any other creature that consumes blood or with blood on the coverAngels’ Flight by Nalini Singh

15. Bronze Blade: Kills sirens but also convenient for killing regular monsters as well.
Task: Read a book where a character is killed with a knife or where one of the characters is a monster. – Primal Heat by Sherri L. King, Lorie O’Clare, Jaci Burton & Lora Leigh

16. Chainsaw: Decapitates most monsters, and will momentarily incapacitate just about any creature until it can be killed.
Task: Read a book where a character is decapitated or with all the letters of chainsaw in the title and/or author’s name

17. Cure Box: Used to keep cursed objects from effecting you.
Task: Read a book with an “X” in the title or where a character is cursed. – A Man in a Kilt by Sandy Blair

18. Iridium Forged Knife: Kills Alpha Monsters. Make sure you keep it clean and sharp!
Task: Read a book with an alpha character – Aiden’s Charity by Lora Leigh

19. Lock Picks: Self explanatory but an essential tool of a hunter.
Task: Read a book where a character uses a lock pick or that has a tool on the cover.Edge of the Moon by Rebecca York

20. Mirror: Shows the true faces of changelings, sirens and wraiths.
Task: Read a book where a character isn’t what they seem to be or where a supernatural is hiding what they are. – Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

21. Taser: Handy to incapacitate a variety of monsters or even belligerent humans.
Task: Read a book where a character is belligerent or with a one word title – Bloodcirlce by P.N. Elrod

22. Journal: To keep track of all the information you’ve accumulated about the different supernaturals.
Task: Read a book with a journal, letter or book that is important to the plot or with a journal/book on the cover.Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn

23. A vehicle with a weapons compartment in the trunk with a combination lock so no one else can get in. Pick one you’re comfortable with but that has plenty of room. After all hunters are on the road a lot.
Task: Read a book with a vehicle on the cover or read a book where the MC drives the car you would want to have.

24. Anti-Possession Tattoo: Just in case you don’t already have one. This tool of the trade is necessary for all hunters.
Task: Read a book with a tattoo on the cover or where a character is possessed.Love Hard by Nalini Singh

25. Finally, a bit of advice. Hunting isn’t an individual endeavor. You need backup and help so find a partner that you trust. You will spend a lot of time with this person so make sure it’s someone you like as well.
Task: Do a buddy read or read a book from one of the month’s Muses

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