Moonlight Serenade – September 2021

Duration: 1st September – 30th September 2021
Number of books: 6
Hosted by: My Vampire Book Obsession

Moonlight Serenade

Duration: September 1 – 30

Complete at least two tasks to get the vampire heart
All genres welcome
Rereads welcome
No minimum page count


1. Sept 3rd is College Colors Day: Listen to a book with a MC who is a college student or a book set at a college/university – Heart Berries by Terese Marie Mailhot
2. Sept 6th is Labor Day: In honor of all your hard work Listen to any book you want – Hidden Summit by Robyn Carr
3. Sept 24th is National Coloring Day: Listen to a book with a colorful cover or a colorful character – Redwood Bend by Robyn Carr
4. Sept 18th is National First Love Day: Listen to a book where the MC meets their first love or is reunited with their first loveSunrise Point by Robyn Carr
5. Sept 20th is Respect for the Aged Day: Listen to a book with an MC or important secondary character who is 65 or older (Can be supernatural) – Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
6. Sept 22nd is Hobbit Day: Listen to a fantasy book or listen to a book whose title starts with an HSiege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo


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