Magic in the Wind by Christine Feehan


Magic in the WindTitle: Magic in the Wind
Author: Christine Feehan
Series: Drake Sisters #1, Sea Haven #1
In: Lover Beware (Christine Feehan, Katherine Sutcliffe, Fiona Brand & Eileen Wilks)
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: The CoastFamilyMagicParanormal romance
Pace: Fast
Format: Novella
Publisher: Berkley Books
Year: 2005
5th sentence, 74th page: He was thick and hard and throbbing with his own need.

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“Sarah’s coming home.” Ever since Damon Wilder sought refuge in Sea Haven, he’s heard the same breathless rumor pass the lips of nearly every local in the sleepy coastal town. Even the wind seems to whisper her name – a reverie so powerfully suggestive that it carries the curious Damon to Sarah’s clifftop home, and seeks to shelter him there.

But Damon has not arrived alone. Two men have tracked him to Sea Haven, and into the shadows of Drake House, where Sarah hides her own secrets. And danger- as well as a desire more urgent than either has ever known- is just a whisper away…


This novella sent the warm, fuzzy feelings from my fingers to my toes. Yes, it had that sexual component in it, but it wasn’t that – it was the familial and romantic love that permeates ever word of this story. The entire thing is sweet, and open and fun. And the fact that the setting is a gorgeous, coastal town just helped me to fall even more deeply in love with this tale… and now I have to wait about two weeks for the next two books to arrive…

Magic in the Wind sets up the rest of the Drake Sisters series perfectly – there is an ancient prophecy that predicts the arrival of the eldest sisters’ love. Then there is a mention about the rest of this little prophecy… which apparently means that the rest of the seven are soon going to find their own partners for life. I love that this is the very beginning of the series, and as I just mentioned, I can’t wait to receive the next few books.

Damon and Sarah are a great couple – they embody the acceptance that I believe true love is all about, but they add that dreamy, romantic quality that you only find in the pages of a really good book. Sarah is the strong and intense woman, with Damon being the analytical, scientific mind. The balance between the two worlds and personalities collide perfectly as they both race to save Damon’s life from his would-be assassins.

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