The Twilight Before Christmas by Christine Feehan


The Twilight Before ChristmasTitle: The Twilight Before Christmas
Author: Christine Feehan
Series: Drake Sisters #2, Sea Haven #2
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: The CoastFamilyMagicParanormal romance
Pace: Fast
Format: Novel
Publisher: Pocket Books
Year: 2003
5th sentence, 74th page: She was so serious all of a sudden, so distant from him, that he was actually beginning to believe she was on the trail of something evil.

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Bestselling novelist Kate Drake is one of seven sisters gifted with amazing powers of witchcraft. Returning home in time for her northern California town’s annual Christmas pageant, Kate catches the spirit of the season and decides to open a bookstore in a charming but run-down historic mill. Decorated former U.S. Army Ranger Matt Granite, now a local contractor, doesn’t mind working in the undeniably eerie house – not if it means getting closer to Kate. There’s something about the quiet, sensual woman that powerfully attracts him.

When an earthquake cracks the mill’s foundation and reveals a burial crypt, Kate senses that a centuries-old evil has been unleashed… and that it’s coming after her. Though Matt vows to guard her from dusk till dawn, Kate knows she will have to summon all of her and her sisters’ powers to battle the darkness threatening to destroy both Christmas and the gift of soul-searing passion her hometown hero wants to keep forever…


The spirit of Christmas is beautiful. It is everything that family and friendship and all those happy, gooey things should be. And generally, completely unrealistic. But, hey, I love the idea of Christmas and the Christmas spirit. Which this story encompasses completely. The feeling of joy, family and love. The idea of putting yourself before others and accepting people, flaws and all.

I thoroughly enjoy romance stories – it’s always nice to imagine that everyone has their perfect partner out there. And that there is somebody for everyone. The idea that Matt would be completely enamoured with Kate since the first moment he laid eyes on her is completely sweet. Yet, kind of creepy. It’s such a recurring theme, the possession and the protectiveness. And when it is something that is returned and also felt, it works out incredibly romantic. But, part of me, while reading this couldn’t help but imagine what would happen if Kate didn’t return the feelings and impulses of her male counterpart. Luckily for my romantic bone, this doesn’t happen and Feehan writes everything so sweetly and romantically that I was completely swept away by their love story.

I identified with Kate a lot more than I thought I would. I’m not elegant or put together, but I am kind of removed from the world. I would rather read than do and I’m more than happy observing the world around me. I still like to throw myself into my life, but in doing so, I tend to throw myself into more research and books. The fact that this lifestyle makes Kate feel like she’s in the shadows instead of truly living her life was both familiar to me, and a little sad. After all, it takes all kinds, and there’s nothing wrong (I hope) with watching the world whirl by instead of being completely swept away in the hailstorm of your surrounds.

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