The Modern Monuments Men – Preserving Priceless Heritage

Art, in all of its shapes and forms is highly valued, both in terms of money and cultural heritage. It can even have a huge impact on the way we feel and react! Think of how much money some art sells for, or the amount of security that is placed around the Mona Lisa. Or even the fact that forgery of any of the great works of art is a pretty serious crime with massive legal and physical consequences.

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The Year of the Gibbon

When we think of monkeys, we will generally picture a long armed primate, swinging through the trees. They’re gorgeous, and a little alien looking, but they’re monkeys. Actually, they’re gibbons. Gibbons are the group of primates that live in the tropical forests of Asia, and we often see them in zoos. But, why are they so important?

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My Favourite Women of Science

In honour of International Women’s Day today (March the 8th), I wanted to look at the top ten women whom have inspired me to pursue a career in science. But, I couldn’t narrow it down any further, so the list is now eleven. I apologise for my bias, but I am an environmental biologist and anthropologist (at least that’s what I’ve studied), so they are the women whom have inspired me.

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Elite Athletes: Mind Over Matter

With all of the media coverage of the Tour Down Under this year, I thought it would be a great time to ask; what makes an elite athlete? Is it pure natural and physical ability, or does the mind come into it? I can think back to my own experiences in competition sport (archery to be precise), and even though a lot of us had good natural ability, it was the ones with the drive and mental state that went the farthest and were most successful. But what does this mean? Can you be an elite athlete if you are just in a good mental place? Do physical abilities even matter?

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Sampson Flat Fires

I grew up in a tiny place between Williamstown, Lyndoch and Gawler. Right next to Humbug Scrub. My partner is originally from Birdwood and almost all of our friends live there, in Kersbrook, Gumeracha or Lobethal. We spend almost our entire weekend driving through the hills and visiting random places. When I first heard about a fire near Humbug Scrub, I was concerned. After all, I drive through there every week to go and visit my family and home. But I never thought that I would be affected by it living out in Greenwith.

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Living with Motor Neuron Disease

The ‘ice bucket challenge’ has gone viral over the past few months and is now the most watched thing on YouTube, ever. Its popularity has been credited to a simple premise and celebrity involvement helping it to raise millions of dollars. Search Motor Neuron Disease (for Australia) or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (for America) and you will find heaps of facts, information on what this money goes to and statistics about those whom are suffering from this disease. But what is it really like to live with this disease, what is it like to watch someone you know go through this?

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The Scientific Pick-and-Mix

Interdisciplinary science is the combination of two or more academic fields (kind of like a scientific pick-and-mix) and it has been steadily growing in popularity, although it has been prevalent throughout much of scientific history. However, it makes you wonder, which academic disciplines can be combined, which are often merged and what potentially beneficial products can they provide? The following examples show that interdisciplinary approaches to scientific questions can result in amazing breakthroughs.

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