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User Friendly by Erin McCarthy

One of my favourite tropes in contemporary romances (or indeed any romances) is the friends to lovers trope. After all, I think that knowing someone on that level and then wanting them on a more intimate level is absolutely beautiful. Particularly when it’s a friendship that is a no-holds barred kind of friendship. Brilliant, honest and completely see-through. So of course, since this was one of those stories… I fell head over heels.

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Hard Drive by Erin McCarthy

This novella is lustful, sexy and just oh so good. Not that I’ve ever trialled cybersex… but I do like the potential play involved… particularly when the description of Mack Stone is just oh so yummy. Even though this story is a little erotic, ultimately, I still found it to be a fairly sweet McCarthy story. There is just something so cute about her writing that I can’t deny. And I love it! Even when it’s dealing with cybersex…

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