Red Isn’t Really My Color by Christina Henry

The writing techniques utilised throughout this short story were nothing short of phenomenal. And that doesn’t even begin to describe the storyline and phenomenal characters that are splashed across the pages with a brilliant vividity. Although I haven’t (yet) had the privilege of reading the rest of the series, this short provided a great gateway into the series and the very sassy character of Maddy.

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Black Night by Christina Henry

This was a great sequel to Black Wings – it had the same wit and humour, Maddy’s same ability to stumble unwittingly into problem after problem, and a gorgeous cast that you couldn’t help but feel attached to. Maddy’s clumsiness, and talent for putting her foot in her mouth have turned her into one of the most relatable heroines I have read recently. I’m constantly tripping over my own feet and getting confused about what I’m supposed to be doing in life – much like Maddy.

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Black Wings by Christina Henry

I am completely in love with this series. Or at least, this book, as this is all I have read of the series so far. Black Wings has a witty, independent and sassy heroine who spends most of the time running around kicking butt and yelling at people when they make her mad. Definitely my kind of woman. The fact that she has supernatural powers and the world’s most adorable side-kick just makes this book so, so, so much better.

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Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

This is a great tale that reminds us that strength and power isn’t necessarily tied in with size and looks – sometimes the most fragile of us is able to overpower the strongest. Anna’s inability to recognise her own abilities and power are not only realistic – we often forget that our greatest strength sometimes lies in the ways that we are able to care for and love others. This is echoed in the trouble which Charles and Anna have with their mating bond – it is only when Anna accepts herself and her powers that she truly accepts their bonded love.

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Seeing Eye by Patricia Briggs

A great and fascinating short story – and a wonderful pre-introduction into the Alpha & Omega series. Moira and Tom’s meeting is a great way to not only introduce new characters into the Mercy-verse setting, but also provide more information to the world of witchcraft. The idea of White and Black Witches is a complex issue that is introduced in Cry Wolf, and, although the terror of a Black Witch is beautifully displayed, the ability of a very powerful White Witch such as Moira was a great new angle with which to explore Briggs’ intense and intricate world.

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Magic Stars by Ilona Andrews

I haven’t read any of the Kate Daniels books for a little while, since I was waiting for this short novella to arrive, and honestly, I had forgotten how violent these stories were. And how much I LOVE them! The entire series is filled with sass and dry wit, and Magic Stars was absolutely no different. Derek’s first short story and his friendship with Julie are beautifully told in this story. As are some of the aspects of their lives that can’t make it into the main novels.

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Originally Human by Eileen Wilks

This short World of the Lupi story really helped to fill in the gaps of some of what happened to Cullen during Tempting Danger. Although it wasn’t integral to the understanding of the story, it did help to fill in some gaps as to how Cullen was captured and why. It also provided a little more feedback on the Lupi’s arch nemesis – something that I think will become far more important as the series progresses.

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