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The Tuesday Enchantress by Mary Jo Putney

I love that this story starts with the idea that nothing ever happens on a Tuesday. Because, hey, who hasn’t felt like that before? Tuesdays aren’t like a Monday (where everything sucks), or a Friday (when you’re all excited to have a life again)… they’re just, eh. Except for the Tuesday in this story. It was a great reminder that exciting things can happen at any time, or in any way. Even falling madly in love.

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Thicker Than Blood by Meljean Brook

I found this story a little bit sad. Alright, there’s a happy ending… but the fact that a couple who so obviously loves one another is kept apart by a series of mistakes and misunderstandings… it was more than a little sad. I did like that the relationship was restored because of her constant need to be near him, and desire to find a little girl collide beautifully.

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John Doe by Anna Windsor

The most disappointing aspect of this story was that it was so short and it isn’t part of a greater series. I know, a pretty common complaint for me. I always love when I read a really good short story and it turns out that there’s a whole series that I can stick my greedy little literary nose into. But the premise of a half-angel and her protector (who also happens to be her lover) was incredibly fun. And it was seriously disappointing when I found out that it was a standalone – there was just some incredibly brilliant world building going on!

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The Bad Hour by Thomas E. Sniegoski

I have two beautiful, annoying, slightly crazy and incredibly loyal dogs. Which means that any story that features “man’s best friend” is going to make me happy. Especially when the main character is able to communicate with his loyal hound. If only I could have the same slightly ridiculous, incredibly fun conversations with my two furry companions…

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Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland

Any Given Doomsday has been sitting on my shelves for about a year now. I bought it when I read the short story Here There Be Demons and then promptly completely forgot about it. Until I read Dead Man Dating in another collection of tales. And then I remembered that I seriously enjoyed Handeland’s writing. I figured I may as well pick this up and see what it was like. And boy am I glad that I did. Now I just have to wait to order and receive the next few books in this series…

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In the Beginning by Lori Handeland

This is one of those short stories that kind of stands alone. But doesn’t really. It’s almost like a prologue that gives a little more history and insight into Liz’s choices and history as a cop than you would otherwise get. Which is, of course what I loved the most about it. I love every extra little bit of information and history you can glean from a character’s life when you are about to sink into the depths of a new series.

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Paradise by Meljean Brook

I loved the end of Demon Angel, or at least, I loved the happy ending that the characters got. But to me it felt a little too off-into-the-sunset. Which is nice, but I felt like something was left slightly unfinished. Paradise helped to stop that lingering “but-what-happened-next” feeling. It also gave Selah her own story and that in and of itself was enjoyable.

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