Driven by Kelley Armstrong

Malcolm’s potential return to the werewolf Pack is left lingering at the end of Forsaken. Although it seems kind of a logical move, the ways in which Elena and Clay are able to go about this reintegration into the Pack are complex and overwhelming. Controlling a psychopath may be a good reason to welcome one into the fold, but is it really the best way to stop him from damaging others? After all, almost every member has been damaged by the Alpha-wannabe at some point in their histories.

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This week one of my managers decided to leave. Well, actually, to move on to another winery in the same company. It made me wonder if there would be an available full time position, and whether I would want to take it. After all, full time work is a little more stable. BUT I have just accepted a PhD and that is full time. I can't do both.

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Life After Theft by Kelley Armstrong

Karl and Hope are an incredibly chaotic and entertaining couple. The fact that their daughter, who is now three-years-old, is just as incredibly chaotic and energetic as her parents, is kind of a fun bonus. It is this very chaotic toddler who was the cause of Karl’s retirement. But as with the world of Women of the Otherworld, nothing ever goes as planned. Now, Karl is faced with people ruining his reputation, double crossing and questioning his future plans.

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Forsaken by Kelley Armstrong

Elena’s position as Alpha is tenuous and difficult. Although her Pack may understand and appreciate that she is fully capable, the male-dominated world of werewolves doesn’t see it in the same way. Sound familiar anyone? So, an entire novella about how she handles her new role and the derogatory ways in which her Alpha-ness is approached was really beautiful. Plus, visiting a more stable, well-balanced version of Elena was incredibly enjoyable.

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Bounty Hunt by Kelley Armstrong

I love a good graphic novel – one that works in with a series that I love. But also that has a beautiful storyline, great imagery and, in this case, the same great sass that I’m used to in the Women of the Otherworld series. The fact that this brings us back to Reese’s predicament with the Australian pack, just makes it a much more enrapturing visual story.

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Brazen by Kelley Armstrong

Malcolm’s existence and survival in 13 was a bit of a shock – after all, I’ve spent the entire Women of the Otherworld series believing that he was killed. As did the remainder of the characters. So, it was nice to get a bit of an update as to how the werewolf Pack were dealing with his ability to survive almost anything. The fact that Brazen is a tale about Nick and his pursuit of Malcolm (as well as his new standing and responsibility in the Pack) just made this a far more enjoyable novella.

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