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The Golden Rope by Tanith Lee

This short story is a creepy, dark and kind of devilish version of Rapunzel. The prince doesn’t climb up the tower to reach her. In fact, there isn’t really any prince. But there is still a seduction of a form and a woman who keeps a foundling child trapped for some nefarious reason. The nefarious reason in this story is just far more intense and dark than other versions I’ve read of this tale.

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Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

This is an absolutely brilliant collection. One that I didn’t want to put down and introduced me to a whole new genre. It’s my first ever Gaslamp collection, and although I found some of the stories throughout a little weird and intense… I also loved the vast majority of them. Enough so that I plan to read this again and again in the future.

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Their Monstrous Minds by Tanith Lee

This story is incredibly twisted and confusing. I’m still not entirely sure what went on, and didn’t overly enjoy it. However, I did love the darkness that seeped through the pages. There was a lot of death, darkness and twisted, monstrous minds throughout this story. And for that alone I would probably reread this multiple times. I like my stories dark and twisted.

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Thorns by Tanith Lee

At the beginning of this short story retelling, I thought that it was going to be super dark and twisted. Something that I wouldn’t quite be able to get out of my head. And would certainly make me look at Sleeping Beauty in a whole new light. And in some ways, it really was. It was dark, sad and incredibly bittersweet. But it was nowhere near as twisty as I was expecting it to be.

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Red as Blood by Tanith Lee

I love villain retellings of stories. This is one of those perfect ones in which the “good guy” is actually a terrifying villain and the villain is the “right” kind of woman. This short story was a fantastically unique take on Snow White. I’ve read a few retellings of this story. But none have an evil Snow White, they’re just misunderstood queens generally.

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Paid Piper by Tanith Lee

The Piper has always kind of freaked me out from fairy tales. No matter how much the tale has been Disney-fied, it’s still kind of dark and twisted. After all, it’s a man that steals an entire town’s children and skips off into the sunset with them. Plus, I find the sound of a flute a little haunting and creepy.

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Snow White, Blood Red edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

I’ve had this book on my wish list for a very, very long time. So, when I finally managed to find a second hand copy and get it delivered to my door, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into it. After all, I love fairy tales, I like stories with a dark twist, and I’m fascinated by retellings and the ways in which people are able to twist and turn classic themes to fit a more contemporary or recognisable setting. Which makes this kind of the perfect short story collection to sit on my shelves.

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