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Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

This collection isn’t quite toe curling, it isn’t quite horrific, but a nice mix between the two. It makes you think about the weirdness of sexuality. And the uniqueness of those things that go bump in the night. And thrive upon our sexual, deepest, darkest desires. I was honestly expecting this to be a little more of an uncomfortable read. However, mostly, I just found it intriguing.

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Private Words by Mark W. Tiedemann

I knew that this story was going to be a little different – it’s in a collection of daemon, lustful stories after all. What I didn’t expect was that it would be far more contemporary than all of the other stories in this collection. That although there was a bit of a fantastical element to the story, it wasn’t a strong one like the other stories. Rather, it was a great little commentary about the ways in which we love and experience love.

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Tastings by Neil Gaiman

Any story that starts off talking about an escort and a famous woman is going to be a little interesting… especially when it’s in a collection such as Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers. Then you just know that there is going to be FAR more to this story that initially assumed… after all, it’s a collection about lust and romance in the shadier sides of the supernatural world.

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Bird Count by Jane Yolen

This was a kind of intense story. Which, considering what Yolen’s work is like… I shouldn’t have been so surprised. Yet, it also struck kind of a great cord with me. After all, it was about finding your own happily ever after. Not the expected one, but one which actually makes you happy.

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In the Season of Rains by Ellen Steiber

This short story had a great… quality about it. There was the sense of another (non-Anglo Saxon) culture about it. Although, it was a little vague on exactly which culture was inspiring the mythical woman in this story. I also loved the imagery of the garden and the rain. There is nothing like having a beautiful garden. And the sound and scent of rain surrounding it? Also stunningly beautiful. It worked well with a random, half-dressed woman strolling through the plants.

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Midnight Express by Michael Swanwick

The set up for this short story is brilliant. The entire thing is a two-way conversation between the would-be lovers. And then the lovers during the act. It’s not only able to describe what is going on between the characters, but also the world that is built up in this story. It’s amazing how such a unique structure creates a wonderful story that lingers long after you turn the final page.

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