Bird Count by Jane Yolen

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Title: Bird Count
Author: Jane Yolen
In: Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers (Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling)
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Lust, Twisted romance
Dates read: 10th March 2020
Pace: Fast
Format: Short story
Publisher: EOS
Year: 1998
5th sentence, 74th page: The thing about Lewis was that even when we were together I was alone.

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She’s stuck in a dead end relationship. One that is just easy and comfortable. With absolutely no passion. Until she finds the man… no hawk… of her dreams.


This was a kind of intense story. Which, considering what Yolen’s work is like… I shouldn’t have been so surprised. Yet, it also struck kind of a great cord with me. After all, it was about finding your own happily ever after. Not the expected one, but one which actually makes you happy.

The single minded obsession of a scientist is one that I recognise. It is intense and kind of terrifying at times. At least, I find it a little terrifying how single minded I can be when I fall down the rabbit hole of something that I love. It was interesting reading a short story which talks about the flipside of that coin. The partner and person who loves such a man. Someone who is an extreme of the example… but still eerily familiar.

If you don’t take the “romance” in this story too literally, then it’s incredibly beautiful. If you take it a little more literally… it’s not as beautiful, but still quite potent. Definitely the kind of story that got me seriously thinking… and contemplating. Again and again and again. I look forward to rereading this one in the future.

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