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Shifting Sea by Virginia Kantra

I like the switch from selkies to finfolk in this short story. It helps build upon the storyline of the past, but also to open up a whole new avenue in this series. Or at least, that’s how it kind of felt to me. (I haven’t actually read Sea Lord yet, but I know who it’s about). And Shifting Sea jumps from the modern day to the 1800s, featuring a different group of powerful children of the sea.

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Sea Fever by Virginia Kantra

In Sea Witch, I kind of hated Dylan. He was a bit of a douche. And had major tickets on himself. So I really wasn’t sure whether I would actually like this story or not… after all, the lead was someone who I thought was a bit… eh. And after reading this, I don’t really think all that much more of Dylan. I still think he’s a douche. Although I understand his douchiness a little better I suppose.

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Sea Witch by Virginia Kantra

This is the first story in a long time that I’ve read where the woman is the sexual aggressor. And I really liked the change of pace. Maggie isn’t promiscuous and damaged as most sexually aggressive woman are often portrayed, but she is also completely free. I loved this balance between femininity and sexuality, passive and aggressive. She is such an incredibly sweet and lovable character. One that I was kind of disappointed to leave behind when I closed the last page of the book.

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After the Gloaming by Leah Marie Brown

I really liked the use of a bean sidhe in this Scottish romance. It took that sense of surreal otherworldness that I’m falling in love with within the genre and partnered it with the modern-day real world. Especially considering the fact that the story begins in yesteryear and then flashes forward to today. The use of a cursed woman and bean sidhe just echoed that perfectly.

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Sea Crossing by Virginia Kantra

I’m already obsessed with this new series. I was kind of obsessed within the first chapter – there was something both sensual and innocent about the storyline. I also loved the fact that although Emma feels that she is a ruined woman (a complete strong and powerful product of the times), she still manages to find a way to stand on her own two feet. She refuses to settle for the second best that is forced upon her, but rather, decides to build her own life anew. Or at least try to. As with every other story, her best laid plans quickly go awry.

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The Skrying Glass by Penelope Neri

I loved this story. It mixes fate in with all of the romantic entanglements and scenery that I am used to from this collection. Siobhan and Colm have the whole love at first sight, push and shove kind of romance that’s fun to read about in a short story. But, because of what Siobhan sees in her own skrying mirror, she is terrified of losing him and finds it hard to make her commitment.

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Tara’s Find by Nadia Williams

I’m an academic. So anytime there is a story of any kind that features a woman who is an academic, I’m often drawn right in. Immediately and happily. After all, it’s nice to read about someone who has so much in common with you. Plus, it’s fun to have strong, intelligent women in a story. Even if it is just a short story in an ebook anthology late at night.

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