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One of my biggest faults as a PhD is that I don't tend to go in and make connections with people. Mostly it's because I'm a little too shy... partly because it takes me a long time to get into the University. But really, mostly because I'm just not good at social interactions, and I'm not overly interested.

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I must be fair and start this (for those few who actually read what I write, if there is anyone)… by saying that this does involve a bit of discussion about rape. Yesterday I was at a wake for a family friend with my parents. And as is usual at these things, we saw some…

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New Blanket!!!

On Friday I finally got my weighted blanket! I’ve been hanging out for it for 2 weeks. And it arrived!!! And I slept!! And it might be my favourite thing ever… I’ve always suffered from anxiety. But over the last 2 months I’ve also had slight insomnia. Which explains the not posting and blogging. The…

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It's been a while since I've written anything blog-ish. That's because for the last month I have been doing fieldwork. Which is AMAZING. I am more interested in doing fieldwork than lab based work. And it took 5 months before I was able to actually get outside... 

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Not much of a blog today. I had a quiet one this week because I felt kinda sick and I was waiting on edits from my supervisor. And he’s just had major surgery. But. That means that I now feel behind. Behind in study. Behind in housework. Just behind. So to be honest, I’ll probably…

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Social Commentary

I have been watching a bit of Grey’s Anatomy this week. It’s good fluff while I’m studying. And something struck me with Season 10… where I’m up to at the moment. The way the writers dealt with a gay couple with a child breaking up. Although there is plenty of room for nasty drama… and…

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We had a games night last night. It was fun. Entertaining. And now I’m a little hungover…so I’m just going to continue lying here. On the couch. Finishing my book…

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I Got Nothing

I've been wracking my brain all week for something interesting to write about. Wondering what interesting thing happened this week. And I got nothing. 

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This week I had my first really severe anxiety attack for about five years. I’ve had a few momentary freak outs in the mean time, but nothing this bad. I had to call in sick to work a few times. I struggled to get any study done. I just barely could exist. And it was…

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