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My Year in Books

Alright, this is a little delayed… but here are some snapshots of my year in books for 2018. I want to read an extra 20 books this year and I can’t wait to hit it!

Thesis Planning

This morning I’m trying my best to plan out the next 12 month’s of my thesis. At this point I should have a rough idea of its shape. And I kind of do… but it’s all in my head.

So now I have a giant piece of paper laid out in front of me. And a thousand brightly coloured textas to scribble my brain thoughts everywhere.

Maybe now I’ll stop feeling so confused and lost with what to do next…


This time of year always leaves me feeling a little lost. I don’t really get the hype of new years and from the 28th till then I feel like I’m just waiting for something that isn’t all that exciting to wait for…

Which has meant that the past week or so has involved me trying to remember what my routine is. What I need to do and plotting my reading and reading challenges for next year…

Now it’s just a few more days and I get to start new books, new challenges and try to keep a new years resolution…


One of my biggest faults as a PhD is that I don’t tend to go in and make connections with people. Mostly it’s because I’m a little too shy… partly because it takes me a long time to get into the University. But really, mostly because I’m just not good at social interactions, and I’m not overly interested.

This week was a little different… I actually went into the university, met some new people and did something! And it was more interesting and less frightening than my crazy brain had anticipated.

So that makes me wonder why I’m always so hesitant to join in on any networking opportunities within the University. I actually tend to enjoy them. And I certainly discover a lot of interesting things.

Yet, I know that next time I have the opportunity to attend such a thing, I will be just as nervous and jumpy as every other damn time…


I must be fair and start this (for those few who actually read what I write, if there is anyone)… by saying that this does involve a bit of discussion about rape.

Yesterday I was at a wake for a family friend with my parents. And as is usual at these things, we saw some people that we haven’t seen for a while and decided to catch up a bit. As the conversation meandered from topic to topic, we started talking about a friend of a friend who was in jail.

This man is in jail for murder. But the man who was telling us about this said he didn’t do it. (Insert slightly sarcastic comment from my Mum here). Then he tells us why. And it was this that I found interesting…

Apparently this man had a female relative who was raped. And as soon as we were told this the three of us (my mum, dad and I) literally went aaaaahh… somehow that very fact made something previously completely heinous a little more understandable.

What really bothered me in hindsight though was the fact that there was an immediate assumption that a young woman was raped and one of two things had happened. 1. She was too afraid / uncomfortable whichever to report it. Or 2. She reported it and the man wasn’t convicted. Basically… there was an assumption that he probably wasn’t punished for his crimes (until said friend of a friend apparently got involved, but that’s really not what I’m talking about here).

In light of everything in the media at the moment it’s such a difficult and horrible subject to discuss. But it’s one we should talk about. Especially when as soon as you hear of a rape victim you say ah… now I understand why a man is supposedly in jail for the rest of his life.

As I said, I don’t actually k ow the particulars, it could be that this man doesn’t even exist, but the response of my family and I to hearing that a young girl was raped has definitely left me feeling incredibly uncomfortable. Definitely something we as a society desperately need to improve on.

New Blanket!!!

On Friday I finally got my weighted blanket! I’ve been hanging out for it for 2 weeks. And it arrived!!! And I slept!! And it might be my favourite thing ever…

I’ve always suffered from anxiety. But over the last 2 months I’ve also had slight insomnia. Which explains the not posting and blogging. The disappearing into a hole and generally being pretty away from everything…

But. First time I got my blanket… I had a solid 3 hour nap. And I woke up feeling refreshed! That in and of itself was absolutely freaking amazing.

The first night I slept with it… I still didn’t sleep solidly. But the moments when I slept were good, deep sleeps. Not light tossing and turning like I’ve been used to. It sounds insane, but just that has made me feel like a new person.

Now all I can hope is that I can get my feet back under me and start thriving again…


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything blog-ish. That’s because for the last month I have been doing fieldwork. Which is AMAZING. I am more interested in doing fieldwork than lab based work. And it took 5 months before I was able to actually get outside…

And now I have a tonne of paperwork to catch up on. I basically go to work or am out in the field. The only way I get a day home is when the weather is incredibly crappy. And (yay). That’s not really happening anymore!!!

So this is my quick little hello world. Yay. I’m larricking outside. Yay. I keep finding orchids. And yay. I am finally starting to do fieldwork…

Now just to wait for my confirmation of candidature to come through…. *gulp*


Not much of a blog today.

I had a quiet one this week because I felt kinda sick and I was waiting on edits from my supervisor. And he’s just had major surgery.


That means that I now feel behind. Behind in study. Behind in housework. Just behind.

So to be honest, I’ll probably be burying my head in a book to forget about the stress of feeling behind. Because my coping mechanisms are healthy…

Age is Just a Number

I often find myself in positions of responsibility.  I don’t know why. And I don’t really care why, because I enjoy it. But there’s one thing that always seems to be a little… let’s say awkward. My age.

Most of the time I’m in a position of more responsibility than those older than me. And this often doesn’t go over well when I ask them to do something. Or explain to them how to do something. Or whatever it is. And I find this really frustrating. I am no longer a kid, and so think that we are all on equal standing. I have seniority over a lot of others at work because I have been there for longer and know what I’m doing. Yet, this seems to be a recurring issue.

Today, I asked a member of the staff to go and do a group tour. She is older, and argued with me. Nothing serious, but definitely a little uncomfortable. The other lady who is in a similar position to me is significantly older, and I never see people argue with her.

Age doesn’t mean wisdom. It does not mean that you know more than someone else. Different levels of experience can be this, but really, age is just a number and it can be incredibly frustrating to be treated like a fool because I’m only in my 20’s…

Social Commentary

I have been watching a bit of Grey’s Anatomy this week. It’s good fluff while I’m studying. And something struck me with Season 10… where I’m up to at the moment.

The way the writers dealt with a gay couple with a child breaking up. Although there is plenty of room for nasty drama… and there are a few moments… the way custody is dealt with is fantastic.

Instead of just taking her child, the biological mother treats her estranged wife with respect (at least in regards to motherhood). Neither tries to take away time spent with their daughter. And there was so much potential to turn this into a story where the child isn’t allowed to spend time with Mum #2. After all, it does happen in real life… especially when gay marriage wasn’t legally recognised.

Yes, Grey’s Anatomy is fun, dramatic, mindless fluff. But the way it has dealt with some very big issues throughout is ridiculously good. It doesn’t cheapen serious moments. And I personally love how it creates this social commentary throughout the ridiculous drama.