Social Commentary

I have been watching a bit of Grey’s Anatomy this week. It’s good fluff while I’m studying. And something struck me with Season 10… where I’m up to at the moment.

The way the writers dealt with a gay couple with a child breaking up. Although there is plenty of room for nasty drama… and there are a few moments… the way custody is dealt with is fantastic.

Instead of just taking her child, the biological mother treats her estranged wife with respect (at least in regards to motherhood). Neither tries to take away time spent with their daughter. And there was so much potential to turn this into a story where the child isn’t allowed to spend time with Mum #2. After all, it does happen in real life… especially when gay marriage wasn’t legally recognised.

Yes, Grey’s Anatomy is fun, dramatic, mindless fluff. But the way it has dealt with some very big issues throughout is ridiculously good. It doesn’t cheapen serious moments. And I personally love how it creates this social commentary throughout the ridiculous drama.


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