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Thesis Planning

This morning I’m trying my best to plan out the next 12 month’s of my thesis. At this point I should have a rough idea of its shape. And I kind of do… but it’s all in my head. So now I have a giant piece of paper laid out in front of me. And…

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One of my biggest faults as a PhD is that I don't tend to go in and make connections with people. Mostly it's because I'm a little too shy... partly because it takes me a long time to get into the University. But really, mostly because I'm just not good at social interactions, and I'm not overly interested.

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It's been a while since I've written anything blog-ish. That's because for the last month I have been doing fieldwork. Which is AMAZING. I am more interested in doing fieldwork than lab based work. And it took 5 months before I was able to actually get outside... 

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Proposing Research

This week I started drafting out my research proposal. It is due in September and it is going to go through a lot of reincarnations. But what really freaked me out is that I am literally planning out the next three years of my life. I had to do a chart saying what aspect of the…

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April 2018

April started off rocky - I was working a lot and trying to also make great progress on my PhD. For starters, the month started with a long weekend and one of my work mates being sick... But, luckily, I quickly found my flow and managed to get myself back on track.

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Fitness fanatics

This week I got a fitbit. Not because I’m a fitness freak, but more so because I’m almost the exact opposite. I get down the rabbit hole of study and forget everything else. To eat. To drink. To walk around. Hence the fitbit. If I haven’t walked around in the last hour, it buzzes at…

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March 2018

I started my PhD this month. It's been a pretty intense and overwhelming period. But, also one of the most exciting and surreal experiences that I've looked forward to for a long time!

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PhD Time!!!

On Friday I FINALLY got my enrollment / candidature confirmation. I got the scholarship (money) confirmation a few weeks ago. But, the enrollment got held up... because my supervisor had too many students. And we had to get an exemption... and, needless to say, I have been incredibly stressed over the past two weeks. After all, I start on Tuesday. So I kind of need to be enrolled to actually be able to start on time...

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This week one of my managers decided to leave. Well, actually, to move on to another winery in the same company. It made me wonder if there would be an available full time position, and whether I would want to take it. After all, full time work is a little more stable. BUT I have just accepted a PhD and that is full time. I can't do both.

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