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We had a games night last night. It was fun. Entertaining. And now I’m a little hungover…so I’m just going to continue lying here. On the couch. Finishing my book…

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I Got Nothing

I've been wracking my brain all week for something interesting to write about. Wondering what interesting thing happened this week. And I got nothing. 

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This week I had my first really severe anxiety attack for about five years. I’ve had a few momentary freak outs in the mean time, but nothing this bad. I had to call in sick to work a few times. I struggled to get any study done. I just barely could exist. And it was…

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Proposing Research

This week I started drafting out my research proposal. It is due in September and it is going to go through a lot of reincarnations. But what really freaked me out is that I am literally planning out the next three years of my life. I had to do a chart saying what aspect of the…

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Gentle Giant

I have 2 dogs. One of which is a 40kg American Staffy, looks a little like a pitbull or fighting dog. Last night I took giant dog to my friends to meet her dogs. When we take onyx for a walk, people tend to give us a pretty wide berth. And most dogs are a…

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I’m put again with a migraine. I get different types. Today’s is one that means I’m in too much pain to move. But not enough to sleep and pass out. It’s beyond frustrating. Actually I’ve had lyrics from Pain by Three Days Grace rolling through my head. It feels like it echoes how I’m feeling……

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Too Pretty

There is no surer way to end a conversation with me or get me ragey than to start commenting on my looks. I was lucky with the genetics, whilst I'm not a stunner, I have  a good figure, hair and skin tone that means absolutely zero work and I'm good at pretending to have an amazingly sunny disposition (sometimes whilst imagining a multitude of ways to get rid of you...) But all of that doesn't mean that I don't have other good attributes. Something that often gets forgotten.

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Weird Dog

I have 2 dogs. One is a beagle. I actually have to order the beagle to stop drinking. She has this weird habit where she sculls the water. And then throws up. No idea why. She has access to the water 24/7. When the beagle isn’t drinking stupidly, she’s licking. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing,…

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Overactive Imagination

I’ve always been told that I have an overactive imagination. Generally it’s a great thing. It helps with writing stories, stopping boredom and just generally keeping me happy and entertained. That was until my partner started working away. Now I’m alone for a week at a time. And mostly it’s fine. I get more done.…

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Fitness fanatics

This week I got a fitbit. Not because I’m a fitness freak, but more so because I’m almost the exact opposite. I get down the rabbit hole of study and forget everything else. To eat. To drink. To walk around. Hence the fitbit. If I haven’t walked around in the last hour, it buzzes at…

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