New Blanket!!!

On Friday I finally got my weighted blanket! I’ve been hanging out for it for 2 weeks. And it arrived!!! And I slept!! And it might be my favourite thing ever…

I’ve always suffered from anxiety. But over the last 2 months I’ve also had slight insomnia. Which explains the not posting and blogging. The disappearing into a hole and generally being pretty away from everything…

But. First time I got my blanket… I had a solid 3 hour nap. And I woke up feeling refreshed! That in and of itself was absolutely freaking amazing.

The first night I slept with it… I still didn’t sleep solidly. But the moments when I slept were good, deep sleeps. Not light tossing and turning like I’ve been used to. It sounds insane, but just that has made me feel like a new person.

Now all I can hope is that I can get my feet back under me and start thriving again…

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