Age is Just a Number

I often find myself in positions of responsibility.  I don’t know why. And I don’t really care why, because I enjoy it. But there’s one thing that always seems to be a little… let’s say awkward. My age.

Most of the time I’m in a position of more responsibility than those older than me. And this often doesn’t go over well when I ask them to do something. Or explain to them how to do something. Or whatever it is. And I find this really frustrating. I am no longer a kid, and so think that we are all on equal standing. I have seniority over a lot of others at work because I have been there for longer and know what I’m doing. Yet, this seems to be a recurring issue.

Today, I asked a member of the staff to go and do a group tour. She is older, and argued with me. Nothing serious, but definitely a little uncomfortable. The other lady who is in a similar position to me is significantly older, and I never see people argue with her.

Age doesn’t mean wisdom. It does not mean that you know more than someone else. Different levels of experience can be this, but really, age is just a number and it can be incredibly frustrating to be treated like a fool because I’m only in my 20’s…

3 thoughts on “Age is Just a Number

  1. I was the youngest and managed a team made up of older men. It took me forever to win their respect because I was so different from what they had ever had (these were a mix of military and former military men too) – but once I did it changed the dynamic completely. I still keep in contact with them, and we taught each other a lot about the fact you can be young and female, and still be a good leader…….good luck and I so understand what you’re going through.

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