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Life After Theft by Kelley Armstrong

Karl and Hope are an incredibly chaotic and entertaining couple. The fact that their daughter, who is now three-years-old, is just as incredibly chaotic and energetic as her parents, is kind of a fun bonus. It is this very chaotic toddler who was the cause of Karl’s retirement. But as with the world of Women of the Otherworld, nothing ever goes as planned. Now, Karl is faced with people ruining his reputation, double crossing and questioning his future plans.

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Counterfeit Magic by Kelley Armstrong

Paige and Lucas have been a solid and sweet couple since they first got together in Dime Store Magic. Of all of the couples throughout the series, they’re the one that I most want to be – supportive of each other, yet independent of one another and able to pursue their own interests. Yet, things become a little bit more rocky now that they’re both taking a more active role in the Cabal. The very independence that makes them such a wonderful couple makes it hard for Paige when she isn’t treated with the respect and individuality that she is used to.

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Forbidden by Kelley Armstrong

Morgan’s introduction to the Pack was certainly an interesting one – after all, he’s the first known werewolf to choose to spend all of his time as a wolf. But, now he’s decided to join the human world again and in doing so, is considering joining the Pack. But, as with everything in Kelley Armstrong’s world, nothing happens easily and nothing is as it seems.

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Angelic by Kelley Armstrong

Every time I read a new Eve story, I fall a little more in love with her character. Although at the beginning she seems like nothing more than a Black Witch, the more her journey is revealed, the more the cracks in this façade appear. She is nothing like what she originally appeared to be in Stolen, and Angelic just brings her further from the image that is quickly built up by others’ descriptions.

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Zen and the Art of Vampirism by Kelley Armstrong

I really liked meeting Zoe Tanako in Broken – she is the exact opposite to every other vampire that I have met, not only in this series, but also throughout the many other paranormal fantasy books that I’ve read. Zen and the Art of Vampirism gives a better insight into not only her character, but also her past. It also explained one of the two ways of being turned into a vampire better – the non-genetic way. Although it took a little while to understand why this short story was named thus, it did make a lot more sense in the light of her complex and incredibly surprising past.

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