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Otherworld Chills by Kelley Armstrong

What a way to end a fantastic series. Although some of these stories take place throughout the greater range of the storyline, the final two short stories (and one of the novellas) in this collection bring you back to the events after 13 in some of the characters’ lives. It was incredibly sad to finish the last story (Baby Boom), but on the same token, really satisfying. After all, it’s taken me almost two years of spasmodic reading to actually complete the entire series, beginning to end.

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Baby Boom by Kelley Armstrong

As the name suggests, this short story is all about babies. It starts with a pregnant Savannah shopping with Paige for prams. But, as quickly becomes apparent, both Paige and Lucas aren’t interested in having children. While there are many moments that feature Savannah’s pregnancy, this story is really about Paige and Lucas, and the fact that sometimes people genuinely make the decision not to have children. Something that both Paige and Lucas agree wholeheartedly on.

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Brazen by Kelley Armstrong

Malcolm’s existence and survival in 13 was a bit of a shock – after all, I’ve spent the entire Women of the Otherworld series believing that he was killed. As did the remainder of the characters. So, it was nice to get a bit of an update as to how the werewolf Pack were dealing with his ability to survive almost anything. The fact that Brazen is a tale about Nick and his pursuit of Malcolm (as well as his new standing and responsibility in the Pack) just made this a far more enjoyable novella.

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Amityville Horrible by Kelley Armstrong

Yet again Jaimie is pulled into the world of fake reality and TV shows. And, once again, she finds a way to shine and do a trashy public event without sacrificing her own identity and self-worth. And, she solves a mystery, has an incredibly passionate romp with Jeremy and fills her time with foiling the evil (or at least incredibly morally bankrupt) director of the show.

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Chaotic by Kelley Armstrong

I always wondered how Hope and Karl met each other – and, more importantly, why their relationship continued after their abnormal first meeting. Chaotic not only answered this question, but it also showed how Hope’s first forays into the supernatural world went. The intricate relationships between the characters of the Women of the Otherworld series is shown in Hope’s embroilment with the Cabals, the supernatural council, and ultimately, with the jewellery-thief werewolf.

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