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The Snow Queen by Patricia A. McKillip

Hans Christian Andersen’s snow queen has long been one of my favourite fairy tales. There is something that is incredibly sweet, and incredibly dark about it. Something that I just find lingers with me long after I have turned the last page. Maybe it’s Gerda’s ability to love without expectations, fight against what everyone is saying and doing in an attempt to save the boy that she loves. Which meant that when I found out there was a retelling of this story in a more adult manner, I knew I was going to either love it or hate it…

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The Fortune-Teller by Patricia A. McKillip

This isn’t like a lot of the trickster stories I’ve been reading recently. Instead of featuring a supernatural being of balance, this is a mortal woman who follows the sign of the trickster. But, unlike the supernatural beings that I’m so used to, she’s actually capable of change. The question of whether or not she’s willing to become something more than herself, something better, is what fills this story.

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October 2017

October has been a super weird month, I've had a tonne of assignments due (finals here we come), quit a job and just generally felt a little lost and aimless. It's meant a bit of reading since I tend to read when I'm overwhelmed, but I'm still feeling a little lost...

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