Snow White, Blood Red Short Stories

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Snow White, Blood Red edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

Like a Red, Red Rose by Susan Wade
The Moon is Drowning While I Sleep by Charles de Lint
The Frog Prince by Gahan Wilson
Stalking Beans by Nancy Kress
Snow-Drop by Tanith Lee
Little Red by Wendy Wheeler
I Shall Do Thee Mischief in the Wood by Kathe Koja
The Root of the Matter by Gregory Frost
The Princess in the Tower by Elizabeth A. Lynn
Persimmon by Harvey Jacobs
Little Poucet by Steve Rasnic Tem
The Changelings by Melanie Tem
The Springfield Swans by Caroline Stevermer & Ryan Edmonds
Troll Bridge by Neil Gaiman
A Sound, Like Angels Singing by Leonard Rysdyk
Puss by Esther M. Friesner
The Glass Casket by Jack Dann
Knives by Jane Yolen
The Snow Queen by Patricia A. McKillip
Breadcrumbs and Stones by Lisa Goldstein

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