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Stardust by Neil Gaiman

I had to buy this because I have loved the movie Stardust since I was a kid. Actually, I didn’t even realise that this was a book until it showed up in my suggested buys list. And, honestly, I was not disappointed for one single moment. This story was phenomenal, and fun, and took me on a wild adventure that I really couldn’t put down. Which was a problem, because I am an adult with other responsibilities…

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October 2017

October has been a super weird month, I've had a tonne of assignments due (finals here we come), quit a job and just generally felt a little lost and aimless. It's meant a bit of reading since I tend to read when I'm overwhelmed, but I'm still feeling a little lost...

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Witch Work by Neil Gaiman

This was an unexpectedly layered poem in the middle of the Under My Hat anthology. And one that I enjoyed immensely. I actually read this three times, each time with a new meaning and nuance. And, like all good poetry, I think that the more chances I get to read this, the more hidden meanings I will find about what a witch’s work entails.

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