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The Twilight Before Christmas by Christine Feehan

The spirit of Christmas is beautiful. It is everything that family and friendship and all those happy, gooey things should be. And generally, completely unrealistic. But, hey, I love the idea of Christmas and the Christmas spirit. Which this story encompasses completely. The feeling of joy, family and love. The idea of putting yourself before others and accepting people, flaws and all.

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Magic in the Wind by Christine Feehan

This novella sent the warm, fuzzy feelings from my fingers to my toes. Yes, it had that sexual component in it, but it wasn’t that – it was the familial and romantic love that permeates ever word of this story. The entire thing is sweet, and open and fun. And the fact that the setting is a gorgeous, coastal town just helped me to fall even more deeply in love with this tale… and now I have to wait about two weeks for the next two books to arrive…

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December 2017

Christmas is about working way too much, reading every moment I get and missing my family. This is the second Christmas that I haven't been with them, and the first time that I've been in the same country as them... It's been nice though, lots of money, lots of free time, which basically for me just means lots more books.

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A New Beginning

This week was Tyson's first stint away. It was only four days, instead of the usual week, but it's still been weird. For a couple that has spent almost every two days together since they met, it's a weird feeling. We've been living together for over four years, and not having him around has just been... odd.

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Payment Due by Frances Hardinge

So many people take advantage of the elderly. I mean, I’ve seen the little dollar signs light up in people’s eyes when they see him coming. It’s horrible, but it happens. However, I have never taken it as far as this granddaughter when seeking to get revenge on how people have wronged him. It’s left me seriously admiring not only her gumption but her care for the lovely elderly lady.

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