Babylon’s Ark by Lawrence Anthony

There is nothing like settling down with a good, inspiring book that not only restores your faith in humanity, but also reminds you that anything is possible… if you have the courage to try. Anthony's exploits in Baghdad at the take-over by American soldiers is one such story. Although the background of war and conflict help to heighten the risks which Lawrence takes in the name of conservation, this story is an incredible story about the people and the animals who are stranded in the middle of this dire situation.

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The Party by Nalini Singh

The Party balances out Mercy’s tough, sentinel side with her more feminine, girlish tendencies. It also serves as a great reminder of her connection to her pack, and family. The happy simplicity of the afternoon and their laughter while painting toe nails are a wonderful display of the happiness that women can find in each other’s company. The Party is a refreshing take on a woman’s relationship – that it is about sharing, laughter and joy; rather than bitching and competition.

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Movie Night by Nalini Singh

Judd and Brenna are a great couple, and their uniqueness draws me back to them again and again and again. But, it is almost impossible to imagine them in their daily lives – when they’re not acting to neutralise the threats to their family. Movie Night provides a window into this life perfectly. It shows a young couple that are deeply in love, yet still getting to know one another in some of the most basic of ways.

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A Gift for Kit by Nalini Singh

Kit is a great secondary character in the Psy-Changeling series, to the point that I almost wish he was a primary one. So, it is nice to have a short story that is about him. The relationship which he has with his sister, and the loss of his family are beautifully captured in very few words. Such a beautifully crafted short story that makes you realise that every person, every character has their own story – whether it’s in real life, or the pages of a book.

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April 2017

This month all of my assignments seem to be due... so it's been a little more difficult to read lots of intense novels. That's why most of the reviews for this month are short stories that were a wonderful, quick and easy journey into another world.

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A Conversation by Nalini Singh

The rat’s which become an integral part of the Changeling world and the Psy-Changeling stories are always viewed on the peripheral. The conversations with them always run through one of the leopard pack, and it is difficult to understand what makes these characters tick. So, it was incredibly enjoyable to read the short conversation which takes place between two of the characters.

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The Cannibal Princess by Nalini Singh

I love short stories that investigate the everyday lives of my favourite characters. It not only helps to make them all the more real, but it is a great way to revisit them in a series that jumps from one lead to another. And although it is something that I do love about the Psy-Changeling series, I also sincerely missed Lucas and Sascha throughout the following tales.

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Grave Matters by Lauren M. Roy

I honestly found this book incredibly difficult to get into. I even started reading it three times before I decided to bite the bullet, get over those first, not-so-attention-grabbing few chapters, and finish the book. Having said that, once the storyline got going, I did really want to find out how it all ended. After all, there is a psychotic necromancer running around Edgewood. But, it’s probably not a book (or even a series) that I am likely to pick up again anytime soon. Yet, it’s also not one that I am going to remove from my bookshelf.

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Night Owls by Lauren M. Roy

This is a book about a book in a bookstore, which I just love saying, and writing. The poetry of such a story is kind of beautiful, and the setting of a college book store is gorgeous. Being involved in campus life can have many rewards when studying, but the idea of being able to go into a warm and secluded book store at all hours to buy, study and peruse different books is the stuff that dreams are made of. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I have finished a book late at night, and just wished that I could run down to the shops to buy the next in the series.

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