Isn’t Feminism About Choice?

I once told someone to shove it when I was ordered into the kitchen, and I’ve since been called a feminist by my friends and family. I was twelve at the time. I’m proud to claim the title; for me, being a feminist is about equal rights and opportunities. It’s about the fact that my gender (or yours, for that matter) shouldn’t impact how people treat me, what jobs I can pursue or what hobbies I can have. I feel genuinely sorry for some of my more unfortunate associates who have had to stand around listening to me while I’m on my soap box.

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Rising Sea Levels – Are We the Culprits?

We’ve all heard a tonne of different reasons for rising sea levels – climate change, a delayed reaction to the last ice age, a natural change in our surrounds and climate (because, after all, the world changes). But what’s the scientific evidence to back this up? Do we really know the reason behind rising sea levels? Is it a little bit our fault, but a little bit inevitable? It’s a constant debate in the media, and I’m sure as ocean lovers (like myself), it is a question that you also ponder. Are rising sea levels my fault, or is it something else?

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Magic’s Pawn by Mercedes Lackey

This is one of the most hard-hitting books that I’ve read in a long time. Ever since I read The Pact by Jodi Piccoult, actually. I think that it probably impacted me so heavily because Lackey investigated ideas of depression and not really believing that you are worth the air you breath. Feelings that I experienced a long time ago. This reminded me of those moments, but it also reminded me that I got through it and the strength that it can take to overcome such a debilitating illness.

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I’d Rather Be Alone

Last month I was asked to go on my honours camp. It wasn’t compulsory, and was not only going to cost me money, but also mean that I would be missing work (and therefore losing more pay.) I decided not to go. Enter: my Mother. ‘Why don’t you go?’... ‘You should make some more friends.’....‘Stop being antisocial.’ It was really irritating, but it also made me wonder if there was something wrong with me. No, there’s not something wrong with me. I am just introverted. I’m not saying that myself (or other introverts) don’t have friends or enjoy their company. But, I personally like my very small group, and their familiarity with the ins, outs n crazies of Skye.They’re the people who know my history and are the key players in my life. And they love me. But these friends also get that I will quite literally disappear for a week or two without a word. They understand that I’d rather be alone.

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Homecoming by Patricia Briggs

This is the first graphic novel that I have read in my adult life, possibly my entire life. And I found it really enjoyable. I’m not hunting out other comics / graphic novels that will capture my fancy. Although I still don’t think that anything can replace a good, solid book. Homecoming was the origin story of one of my favourite fantasy characters – Mercedes Thompson. I’ve loved her from the moment I read Moon Called and this love affair has extended to all of Patricia Briggs’ books.

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The One by Kiera Cass

Ever get to that point in the series when you just know that it’s the book that you’ve been waiting for – the time when the hero (or heroine) is going to triumph, win their lover or finally make it home? THIS was that book for me. After reading (and falling in love with) The Selection and The Elite, I knew that The One was when all my dreams (and America’s) were going to come true. But, Cass managed to add in some great twists and turns so that you were still held in suspense.

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