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Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

Charlotte’s history is alluded to in Rock Addiction, and like Rock Courtship, that little allusion in the first novel made me really, really want to find out more. And I was seriously happy that Charlotte and Gabriel get their own full-length novel. Because, wow, Charlotte’s story is seriously intense and somehow all the more beautiful for the horrors that she faces.

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Born to Run by Cathy Freeman

I remember watching the Sydney 2000 Olympics as a kid. Remember watching Cathy Freeman light the torch, remember when she won her golds. Although I didn’t understand what the “big fuss” was, I did feel that same national pride as everyone else. What I had never realised was that she wrote a biography seven years later. I only discovered this because I happened to be looking for a book written by a female athlete. And I’m really glad that I did…

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A Bird, Half-Eaten by Nikesh Shukla

This is an incredibly intense story. It’s obsessive to the point of violence, yet, there is a recognition of this in the narrator’s voice. Moments of “problematic behaviour” are quickly recognised and recalibrated. Something that I don’t often see in stories with the slightly creepy stalker types. They don’t understand that there is something wrong in what they are doing…

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The Blind Side by Michael Lewis

I decided to buy this book since I absolutely love the movie. And I love books. So I really figured that I couldn’t go wrong. And I was right. I absolutely loved this book. I was drawn in completely and actually had quite a bit of trouble putting this story down. Which is quite surprising for a biography – normally I read them because they are easy to pick up and put down…

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