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Spring Road Trips!

This weekend Tys (my partner) and I went on a road trip with our friends to an engagement party. The fact that it was in Port Lincoln, an area I used to see / travel through frequently as a child made an already fun journey into something that was really nostalgic. The fact that two of our best friends were accompanying us and it was beautiful weather... it was a little sad to come home. Until we opened the door and saw our puppies, and everything was happy and joyful again.

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Reading, Reading, Reading

The end of September and my first month of participating in reading challenges has come to a close. And it's been a really fun experience! I have this incredibly frustrating habit of picking up one series, reading a book or two and then switching to another... by completing reading challenges, I'm able to find an excuse to read books that are part of a series that I may have put down a year ago.

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I’m Screwed

I had an assignment due today. And I haven't even started it. I thought that I had started to think about it, so I had a bit of an idea about what I needed to do. But, it turns out that my case study has already been picked for me, so it is nothing like what I thought. Which means I'm screwed. It's not getting handed in on time. I'm just hoping to get it in less than 24 hours late... but even that feels kind of unlikely. I've spent 2 hours staring at the screen and the template trying to figure out what I'm actually doing. Why oh why did I choose a business subject?!?!? I know nothing about business!

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Groups, Gastro and Guilt

Alright, so to start with, I don't really have Gastro. I'm actually not really sure what I have, but I get results back tomorrow, so hopefully I'll finally know. It's really frustrating to feel completely fine (like this very moment) but epically shit (like 2 hours ago) all in a matter of moments. I've had to bail on a few of my shifts at work because of it which of course makes me feel guilty, and I'm sure that this then makes me a little worse too, but that's a whole other issue.

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Woops Wine

So I'm a little delayed with my post this week. Mostly because it was my best friends 25th on Saturday. Which then turned into a two day hangover. And a whole new set of bruises...

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Nope, Nope, Nope

So, this week's been real fun... I've been sick. For the whole week. But not the so-sick-you-just-sleep sick. Or the can-soldier-on sick. No, it was the I-feel-fine-oh-no-I-don't sick. And the nausea. The nausea has been super fun.

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I’m Joining The Circus

So I decided at the beginning of this week that I would start writing a weekly blog about, well... anything that has come to mind during the week. Partly it's for part of my Masters subject (Online Writing), but it's also just because I need to work on writing more often.

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