Nope, Nope, Nope

So, this week’s been real fun… I’ve been sick. For the whole week. But not the so-sick-you-just-sleep sick. Or the can-soldier-on sick. No, it was the I-feel-fine-oh-no-I-don’t sick. And the nausea. The nausea has been super fun.

Although, on a positive note.. I have managed to finish off a few books that have been on my TBR list for a while. And I got to get some great puppy cuddles throughout the week as well. Nothing better than curling up with my fur babies to make me feel better when I just want to go cuddle the porcelain.

I’ve also been able to do a little editing on Aishe’s Arrival, which is something that I really need to develop some discipline with. After all, if I want to be a writer, I actually need to get my work up to a standard that I’m ready to share…

But mostly, this week has been sick, sick, sick. Which has been accompanied by Sex and the City (cliche much?) and a restless revolving through of numerous books. I’ve actually reduced it down to only reading three at this very moment! I’m sure that that will change in the next hour though…

The only other thing of note is that I have started playing around a little with the format of my website. Because, well, why not?

Image source: Rheumablog



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