I’m Joining The Circus

So I decided at the beginning of this week that I would start writing a weekly blog about, well… anything that has come to mind during the week. Partly it’s for part of my Masters subject (Online Writing), but it’s also just because I need to work on writing more often.

So welcome to the new randomness that is my recapture of the week. I do apologise, because this one’s a little loopy… I’ve just finished a 40 hour work week, I’m miles behind in study (as usual), and I have found myself thinking again and again and again this week that I was going to quit and join the circus. Not entirely sure why, but I’m definitely feeling a little loopy.

I also decided to start a few reading challenges this week. Which is exciting, because I always like a good excuse to read a great book….

Image source: YSA Sydney



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