Woops Wine

WineSo I’m a little delayed with my post this week. Mostly because it was my best friends 25th on Saturday. Which then turned into a two day hangover. And a whole new set of bruises…

This is the trouble with wine. It is delicious, we have so much fun when drinking it, but quite often, the next day is a little more painful than desired. Having said that, it was a great night of the old hits (the benefits to knowing your best friend your entire life – you know all of the same music) and one of the guys pretending to be Chewbucca for half the night.

On the writing front for the last week – na da. I am so unbelievably behind in all of my studies, that doing anything for pleasure beyond sleeping, studying and working has been completely beyond me. Also the other reason why this rambling post is a little delayed… it’s hard to concentrate on writing about my week when all I can think about is all of the things that haven’t happened over the past week.

On a positive note though… SPRING IS HERE!!!! Today my windows are opened, the curtains are flung wide and my dogs are not covered in mud and clay for once. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay here! Not only because it is just far more enjoyable to be awake in this weather, but the warmth and the sun always seems to give me such a great energy boost. Which I am now going to use to continue with my studying for the day…

Image source: We Know Your Dreams



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