Spring Road Trips!

RoadtripThis weekend Tys (my partner) and I went on a road trip with our friends to an engagement party. The fact that it was in Port Lincoln, an area I used to see / travel through frequently as a child made an already fun journey into something that was really nostalgic. The fact that two of our best friends were accompanying us and it was beautiful weather… it was a little sad to come home. Until we opened the door and saw our puppies, and everything was happy and joyful again.

Tys and I often get funny about engagements and weddings. I get a bit uncomfortable justifying the fact that we’re not engaged after all of this time, and he just thinks they’re stupid. But, this might have been the first time that we both really enjoyed it. I’m not sure if it was just a lack of the usual social pressure we feel, or the fact that we were on a road trip.

When Tys and I first started dating, he would have one day off a fortnight and that day would be spent in the car. We’d drive anywhere and everywhere to get his errands done, and just enjoy each others’ company. It’s a perfect time to talk and just be around each other. Doing this on the weekend with the beautiful Eyre Peninsula coastline stretching out around us just made it so much more wonderful. I also quit one of my jobs last week, so we both felt incredibly relaxed.

I might be back home, back to studying, working, writing, cleaning, and just basically adulting, but I feel more relaxed than I have in months. Spending time with that one person that I love more than anything and enjoying beautiful weather has left both of us so happy and content.

Now we just have to plan the next one…

Image source: Onedio



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