Gentle Giant

I have 2 dogs. One of which is a 40kg American Staffy, looks a little like a pitbull or fighting dog. Last night I took giant dog to my friends to meet her dogs.

When we take onyx for a walk, people tend to give us a pretty wide berth. And most dogs are a little hesitant about playing with the lumbering gool. But the reason I took him first instead of my 12kg beagle? He’s a gloriously sweet bonehead.

He spent a good half hour playing with the plug x while it had the zoomies. And the rest of the night trying to make friends with the kelpie. Even when she tried to bite him a few times, he continued to try for kisses. Creepy and inappropriate, yes. But still sweet.

Even the two young kids running around going crazy. And at one point jumping on him and trying to scare him were met with love. As the 4 year old spilt her food everywhere, he sat patiently waiting to be given something.

Even as I write this, he is leanjng on my lap in bed for his morning cuddles. Just goes to show that because something or someone looks scary, doesn’t mean they are…



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