Weird Dog

I have 2 dogs. One is a beagle. I actually have to order the beagle to stop drinking. She has this weird habit where she sculls the water. And then throws up. No idea why. She has access to the water 24/7.

When the beagle isn’t drinking stupidly, she’s licking. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, she’ll just randomly come up and lick me. If I try to move my hand away, she will grab it with her paws and pull me back in.

Then there’s my american staffy. When he drinks. The whole head goes in the bowl. And I swear the majority goes over the floor and not in his mouth.

AAAND he thinks he’s a lap dog. Imagine 40kg puppy. 55kg woman. Puppy likes to sleep on woman’s lap. Currently on said lap now. Though we’re starting to get winter weather, so ultimately I’m not complaining…

What weird things do your pets do?


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