Green-Eyed Envy by Kasey MacKenzie


Green-Eyed EnvyTitle: Green-Eyed Envy
Author: Kasey MacKenzie
Series: Shades of Fury #2
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Easy reading, Paranormal fantasy, Strong women
Pace: Fast
Format: Novel
Publisher: Ace Fantasy
Year: 2011
5th sentence, 74th page: My overactive imagination the night before had delighted in reminding me over and over again that Scott had been involved with Harper, however briefly, which meant that he very well could be in danger from this lunatic

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As a Fury, Marissa Holloway belongs to an arcane race that has meted out justice since time immemorial. As Boston’s Chief Magical Investigator, she’s responsible for solving any crimes committed by or against supernaturals.

Months have gone by since Riss discovered some unwelcome truths about her past – and managed to stop a supernatural war. Since then, tings have been quiet. Too quiet. But that all changes when the bodies of Bastai, shape-shifters also known as Cats, begin piling up in Boston’s magical underbelly – even though the legendary shifters are supposed to have ninety-nine lives.

One common thread ties the victims together: All were old flames of FBI Agent Harper Cruz. And since Scott Murphy, Riss’s lover, enjoyed a long-ago one-night stand with Harper, the Fury has twice the incentive to crack the case wide open, before the killer’s green-eyed gaze turns in Scott’s direction…


Everyone can get a little jealous at times. But, when that jealousy turns to something completely different that it can become dangerous. And in this case, downright deadly. Although Riss isn’t necessarily the one in danger, her own jealousy throughout this tale puts her in a decent amount of danger. And as two parallel conspiracies unfold around her, she is not only in a race to save the next victim of a serial killer, but also a race to save her own family.

Although one of these tales (the issues with her family) doesn’t actually get solved during Green-Eyed Envy, the fact that there is an extra complication in Riss’ life helps to increase the fast pace of this tale. Her ties to her family also help to not only ground her when things start getting a little bit too weird, but also create a larger issue. One that I can’t wait to see solved (hopefully) in the next Shades of Fury novel.

Serial killer tales and the race to stop them can always be interesting but adding in a supernatural spin on this murder spree, I just lapped it up. Add in Scott’s ex, racial prejudice and wedding bells in the future… well, you know that this is going to be good fun. I also love the way that issues such as racism and maddened possession are built upon to create a better understanding of the world. That, and it makes some of the issues that Riss is facing a little more relatable and realistic. I doubt anyone has seen a Fury, but we’ve all seen racism…

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