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Forever Knight by Jackie Ivie

This story took a number of unexpected turns. The only part that really went as expected to be honest, was the fact that the lead male and female ended up together. After all, this is in a collection of romance stories (I wonder if I’ll ever read a romance that ends… not so romantic…??)

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Gifts of the Magi by Jean Johnson

It took me longer than it should have to realise that this novella featured the three wise men. Although, in this case, they’re not necessarily men. But, the story was still amazing, and that moment at the end of the story, when I finally clicked as to who they were made it all the more enjoyable. Not only as an ending to a fantastic novella, but also as an ending to a great Christmas collection.

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Charlotte’s Web by Erin McCarthy

I keep trying to find other things to read after finishing this novella. But nothing seems to compare to the vibrant and gorgeous innocence that runs rampant throughout this. Actually, the moment that I finished this, I jumped online and bought the other stories in the series. But, since I don’t tend to like reading ebooks, I now have to wait another month or more (probably more being Christmas time) until they arrive…

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The Pagan Bride by Patricia Grasso

I was honestly annoyed at the beginning of this story. Avril was married to a man ten years her senior when she was five years-old. Now, as an adult she is returning to his estate and taking her place as a wife. And he’s quite rude from the very beginning – leaving her waiting, assuming that he gets his “husbandly rights”… he’s kind of a douche. But, he gets better, and even though I don’t actually like him at the end of the story, I do like their relationship.

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Highland Heart by Heather McCollum

This is the very first book in a new collection of stories that I’ve found on my shelf – The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance. And it is a fantastic way to start it off. I haven’t read much Scottish-themed anything, but this straight away threw me into the subgenre and made me hungry for more. Between the roughness of the highlanders, the cultural and social aspects entrenched in the story, and the glorious setting, Highland Heart is a great way to start and pull you straight into the novel.

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