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Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

This is an “oh my heart” book. And it’s like that from the very beginning. I’ve been putting off reading it for a while since I always get ridiculously hooked on Maas’ writing. Normally that’s not such an issue because I can read the whole book cover to cover in just a day… this book is a little longer, and I had to be an adult. But I finally put aside a day to read it. And… oh my heart.

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Into the Sky by Joseph Ng

This was an interesting Dieselpunk story… it featured the Terracotta warriors and the Great Wall of China. I liked this approach and found the journey quite enjoyable and intriguing. It was a nice spin on a tale of war which seems to be a fairly strong standing in the Dieselpunk series / collection thus far.

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Ashes on Her Lips by Edward Bryant

I can’t imagine what I’d do if I lost the love of my life. Doing this though seems… well, uncomfortably wrong. Like seriously, uncomfortably wrong. But also impossible to stop reading. Kind of like a really horrific accident, you don’t want to see it, but you just can’t stop watching, or in this case, thinking about this.

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This Evening’s Performance by Genevieve Valentine

There was something so tragic and bittersweet about this story. Yet, by the end of it… kind of hopeful too. I don’t normally consider short stories and, in particular, Dieselpunk stories to be romantic. But there is something about this one that felt incredibly… well… romantic. There is no kissing, no sexuality and just the hint of something throughout. But it was quite possibly one of the sweetest books I’ve read in a long time.

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Future Date by A.J. Menden

I absolutely loved the premise of this story. But didn’t actually get into it that much… there was just something about it that didn’t draw me in. Probably the lack of connection I felt with the lead character. She wasn’t a bad character, there was just nothing that made me feel connected to her. It could also have just been the fact that it was the final short story of the year, and I was getting all kinds of excited about the books I could read in 2020…

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Steam by Jean Johnson

I loved the premise of this story. Actually, a lot of it reminded me of The Alchemist’s Key by Traci Harding. Same idea of a modern setting and time travel. An eccentric family member bequeathing an estate to an unsuspecting young man. And ultimately, the guy finding true love as an aspect of all his time travelling activities. It was just quite sweet.

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Catch by the Lightning by Madeline Baker

I think most women have wanted to find themselves a hot, Indian cowboy to have a bit of a roll in the hay. The woman in this short story got one. And I’m so incredibly glad. This was fun, easy and I love that it took a pretty typical fantasy (or at least, what I view as a fairly typical frontier fantasy) and made it her own. With time travelling, because what’s a romance without a little bit of time travelling?

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Time Trails by Colby Hodge

There’s a fairly big time gap in this short story. Alright, it’s a time travel short story, so you know that there’s going to be some kind of gap… but 1886 to 2143 just seemed intense. Probably because most stories I read with time travelling involve the past or the future, and the present. Not both past and future. However, it was kind of fun. I enjoyed the departure from what I’m beginning to consider as normal for something a little bit more intense and difficult to put down.

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A Wish to Build a Dream On by Michelle Willingham

If I had one wish… I don’t know what it would be. It would depend on my mood, surroundings, the sun, the moon. I’m a pretty indecisive person. But, this story really did make me think about what that one wish actually would be. The title alone gets you into this mood… A Wish to Build a Dream On is kind of reminiscent of a wish upon a star from Disney… or at least, that’s how I felt about it. There is something beautiful and lingering in the feeling of this story.

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